Fuzzy Faux Fur “Fun”

Our niece is in college and wanted a few pillow covers for her birthday (oops, that was in July)!

In order to make up for my belated birthday gift, I splurged and bought some of this luxurious faux fur.  It made a gorgeous pillow cover!


I had a left over strip of faux fur so I mixed it with some fleece to make another pillow cover.  What a fun project that turned out soft and cozy!


After admiring my work, I had to move on to the clean up….not so fun!  Fuzzy faux fur sheds like crazy!  Yes, this is what the aftermath of my creativity looked like!  I had to do a deep clean on my trustworthy Bernina.  Let’s just say the deep clean involved a vacuum cleaner attachment.


My floor looked even better than my sewing machine…ha!  I think the clean up took longer than the sewing.


P.S.  She LOVED her Fuzzy Faux Fur pillow covers!  Her birthday gift, although late,   helped me to maintain my status as her “favorite aunt”!


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