Big Sister to the Rescue!

Good morning from Ohio!  I’ve been busy doing a bit of baking and while chomping on a “few” cookies, I decided to heed Sandy’s call for help.

Cookie Close UpSince she needs a “ton” (I can’t even say the number because it boggles my mind) of 1.5 inch red squares, I got busy cutting up some of my red stash.  Here’s the pile:Close up mini squaresHere’s the pile in a plastic zip lock…almost ready for mailing.  Sandy, they should arrive on Monday!Baggie to goA thought for your day…found in a consignment shop!  Good Day Close Up






Seeing Red

Just a quick update from NY.

I did some math. I hate math. I had some red 1.5″ inch squares. I thought “I can do something with these”. So I planned a queen-sized postage stamp quilt. I quickly sewed through my stash of scrap squares, then I cut a few more squares from random red yardage. I still only had 1 row of the quilt completed. Yikes! I decided to count how many squares I might need. Check my calculations:

  • Each mini block has 12 1.5″ squares
  • There are 15 mini blocks in each row. That means that there are 180 squares in each row
  • I’m planning on 19 rows to make the quilt queen sized
  • That’s a whopping 3,420 1.5″ squares

Well of course, that meant that I had to sort and count how many squares I already had on hand: about 1250.

I decided to cut all the remaining squares before I sew any more of the quilt. I want to make sure that all the colors and patterns are thoroughly distributed throughout the finished quilt. I’m getting there!


Let is Snow

This working from home thing is ah-mazing when the snow is pouring down and the roads are icy and the temperature is dropping.

Here’s the view from my NY back deck on Monday. La De Dah, I don’t care!

Snow doesn’t bother me at all, now that I work from home!

All this white has inspired me to sew in red. It’s a Christmas thing, it’s a valentine’s thing, it’s a fireplace thing — all rolled up into one cozy project. I’m alternately watching old Christmas movies, the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony and Mrs. Maisel in the background while I cut up my little squares and patch them together. Here’s my progress so far.

This will be a queen size postage stamp quilt. I am accepting red scraps if you’d like to play along 🙂

FREE Placemat Pattern & Cookie Recipe

It’s Cindy reporting in after returning from a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend at the farm.

Yesterday, I started decorating for Christmas and unpacked my Christmas linens.  I found these placemats that that Sandy and I designed for a past blog hop.candy_cane_logo2This FREE pattern goes together quickly…give it a try!  You can download the pattern by clicking on this link:   Candy Cane 2.0 Placemat 12 03 17

As a bonus, we’ve also shared mom’s Snickerdoodle Recipe…most delicious!  Mom made a big batch for our Thanksgiving weekend…YUM…thanks mom!