Scrapped Memories

Sandy asked me to give her a hand with her String Quilt while I was staying at the farm. I did the easy part and attached the borders. Isn’t this a beautiful scrappy quilt? It’s so full of color and texture AND memories of many past projects.

Sandy sure made a dent in her stash! While sewing on the borders, I was reminiscing about some of the scraps I contributed. Here’s some fabric I used to make a Monopoly pillow for my nephew because he loved that game so much!

Of course I provided scraps of Brutus Buckeye, the official Ohio State University mascot.

After finishing this masterpiece, mom and I went to a local apple orchard. They had a few pumpkins on hand AND the best cider and donuts EVER!

What a beautiful fall day to remember!

Walking it off

The only way that I’m keeping myself together right now is by a walking regime that I’ve started. Each day I walk for 1.5 hours, no matter the weather, be it wind, rain or shine. I’ve been doing this for 33 days and the physical and mental health benefits are welcome.

Yesterday was extra special because in a normal year I would have taken part in a local tradition, the RidgeWalk. In years past I’ve shown up at this “race” and huffed and puffed my way up and down some steep wooded hills for 6 miles, trying to convince myself that I was fit because I could get through it.

This year was different because I’ve been taking care of my soul by walking off the stress and the cookies and the panic and the race was virtual.

So yesterday a friend and I walked alone through the almost bare woods on the farm for 2.5 hours, simulating the Ridgewalk. The landscape and the trees remind me of Bonnie Hunter’s latest pattern, Appalachian Autumn — all grays and golds and rusts and browns. It was beautiful and it was cleansing.

A forgotten stone foundation on the farm.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, my friends.

Order after Chaos

Cindy reporting in after a chaotic finish to my barn block quilt. In order to get it quilted and in the mail before Christmas, I had to send it off to my quilter, Ms. SJ, last week. Wait until you see the finished quilt, it’s beautiful.

Needless to say, my sewing marathon created chaos in my sewing room. It was a scrappy quilt and I had scraps everywhere! Drawers of fabric were dumped and scattered! I was always looking for just the right fabric…you know the drill!

After I finish a big project like that, I try to clean up and get organized for my next project.

Gasp! Why are my blacks and grays mixed in with my purples? AND there’s a scrap of gold and a big scrap of white in there too!

Looks like I’m going to have to bring order to this chaos before I get started on my next project!

Do you have some tips for organizing fabrics? Let us know!

Bunny Diva is Done!

Yes, it’s true! Bunny Diva is done and has been gifted to her new bundle of joy. Here are some close ups before she was quilted.

Mom helped me with the design and we both like the final result. The top and bottom are mirror images of each other.

I washed Bunny Diva before I gave her away because I wanted her to be all scrunchy and soft. You can see how pretty she is now that she’s quilted.

Thanks to mom, Bunny Diva did not get the best of me. In fact, I even made a matching doll quilt with left over scraps. Farewell Bunny Diva! I know you will be loved and cherished, as you should be.