It’s officially fall — bring on the Halloween decor

Last night was open house at school for my teenager. To state that he wasn’t into it is an understatement. He likes school a lot this year (as a junior, they are moving into a more interactive model of instruction — more like college than simple rote learning). This makes me happy. But anyway, his best friend (the Boy scout who came to rescue Boots, if you recall) came to the house while his mom went to open house alone (better mom than me — but I love her just the same).



I love to hear those boys discuss their day when they forget that I am around. They are good kids and I’m trying not to focus on how quiet it will be when they are both at college.

Meanwhile, Cindy is posting the Vlad Vampire Mug run on Fave Quilts today. I love their website and the emails that arrive every day in my inbox. It is a bright spot in my day, full of inspiration and fun. Fave Quilts has lots of patterns for all skill levels and every reason and occasion. The generosity of other quilters is amazing. I’ve found tons of new blogs to follow because of Fave Quilt’s curated content.

And we’re preparing Frank’s pattern to join Vlad in the Halloween line-up.  You can download Frank’s pattern by clicking on the link below:

Frank N. Stein Sept 2017


I love the expression on Frank’s face!

Happy first day of fall!

6 thoughts on “It’s officially fall — bring on the Halloween decor

  1. Lila Alabed says:

    Hi. I love your “Vlad” mug rug and would like to purchase your “Frank N Stein” mug rug pattern. Please let me know how to get it.
    Thank you.

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