Blues in the Winter

Spring!  It will arrive on March 20th…yippee!  Until then, it’s winter here in Central Ohio and I’m still working on getting my fabrics organized.

As I looked at my organized fabrics, I realized I had very few blue fabrics…GASP!  How can this be??!!


Limited Selection of Blues

Thank goodness, in my travels this morning I drove by Quilt Trends, a great quilting shop here in Columbus.  My car careened off the main road and found its way into the Quilt Trends parking lot.  What choice did I have but to enter the shop and search for more blue fabrics?

I think these lighter blues are a good addition to my collection.  The floral fat quarter was even 50% off!  Yippee #2 for the day!


I am in love with the blue weave print in the middle of the picture below.  It has pops of yellow/green throughout the print and I can’t wait to use it.  Quilt Trends has an incredible selection of batik fabrics and I decided to go with a dark blue tone on tone batik (bottom of picture below) to round out my selections.


I like this blue and orange batik as well.  This will prove useful for a project “in the works”.


I think I need to continue collecting blues in the winter.  There are just a few shopping days left to continue my quest.  Can I do it?  I’m betting on it!



New Motto

My Dear Friend (DF) gave me this awesome AND unbreakable wine glass for Christmas.  As I was sipping a beverage this weekend, thinking of quilting (of course!), I decided this will be my new quilting motto.


How to always be prepared you ask?  Well, Sandy is always prepared!  She has scraps all cut out in different sizes, just waiting to be added to a quilt creation.  Me…not so much!  This is what my scraps looked like…and there was another bag overflowing in the closet!


Even Norma, my Bearded Collie, was saying, “Please do something with these things!”  OK!  I got the message!  I spent at least 4 days cutting all my wayward scraps under 5 inches wide into 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 inch squares.  Scraps under 1 inch wide went into the pile below to be used as stuffing for a dog bed.  Lucky for Norma and Sadie!


Small pieces and parts went into my “starters and enders” bowl.


I found a lot of binding scraps in my scrap pile.  I stuffed organized them in a zipper bag for when I need a scrappy binding.


Scrap management is a good thing.


I am now prepared for any quilt design that pops in my head!

Lost and Found

Am I the only one who occasionally frequently loses pieces of quilt projects? As I move from room to room, sometimes spools and blocks and pattern pieces and pins get left behind.

I had such great plans to make my friend a True Blue quilt, but somehow I misplaced a big pile of cream colored squares that are essential to the pattern. I looked for them for a while, but finally gave up and resigned myself to having to buy 12 more cream/tan fat quarters and do all the cutting once again.

And then, lo and behold! I found them this morning. They were hiding next to the regular ironing board — which I never, ever use. I have no idea how they got there. (Luckily my roommate is self-sufficient and he loves to iron his own dress shirts — yippee! And truth be told he’s much better at it than I am, which is why I’ve adopted a hippie chic way of dressing that never, ever requires ironing (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).)


Found at last!

Since I’ve found the squares, perhaps I have a chance of completing this quilt top in time for my friend’s early May birthday.

In other lost and found news:

I’m trying to lose some weight, but I have to confess that I’ve found something I love, love, love that complicates things a little.

On the way home from a winter break trip to New York City, my son and I stopped near Binghamton for a quick lunch. We spied a candy shop after eating and we wandered in.

We explored the tiny space filled with delicious smells and pretty wrappings. The salesperson offered us samples of anything in the store. I selected some gifts for my roommate and my son chose some orange creams and some chocolate covered butter toffee. I decided to resist the urge to buy my own half pound of something I’d need to lose later on.

However, by the time we got home, I couldn’t resist any more.

May I just say that Leopold makes the best toffee this side of Nirvana? Seriously, the chocolate is silky smooth and tastes decadent and rich like its supposed to; the butter toffee is a crackly, crunchy sugar bomb that melts in my mouth, mixing deliciously with the chocolate it was packaged in before I chomped into it. <And then the heavens opened.>


Wonder Woman is guarding the last piece of chocolate covered toffee

I’ve noticed that several  bloggers I follow have recently become brand ambassadors for different quilting-related companies. I want to be the first to volunteer to be Leopold’s quilt ambassador. Because quilting and chocolate just go together.

This could work, I know it! This is first-mover kind of marketing stuff!

Leopold, pick me, pick me!

I think I’ve found my calling.