Up for the Challenge!

One of my favorite quilt shops, Red Rooster Quilts, is hosting a Customer Challenge Contest using the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year…Living Coral.

The challenge is to use one fat quarter of Living Coral and one other fabric to make a Mini Quilt that is 20 inches square or less.  Needless to say, challenge accepted!

I decided to pick my fabrics first and then work on a design.  I’ve been interviewing fabrics from my stash and definitely need some advice.

A.  Is this plaid too dark?


B.  Are these polka dots too big for a mini quilt?


C.  This might make a modern mini, but what about this pattern…too busy?


D.  Who can resist a paw print?  Go or No Go?


E.  This makes things bright!


F.  Nautical meets living coral…hmmm


G.  These mini dots are cute, but what about the color?


H.  Color is nice, but is this print too large?


I.  This is a pretty floral print, is it too busy for a 2 fabric mini?


J.  This batik is interesting, I’ve always liked it.


K.  This print might be too big for a mini…what do you think?


What combinations do you like?

What other colors work well with Living Coral?


The Saga of Boots — Final Chapter

With a broken heart, I must let you know that our darling kitty Boots has passed away. Just before Christmas he developed a kidney infection that shortened his amazing life. He was just 10 years old.

When we captured Boots he was a wild kitten born in the gray barn on the farm. When I handed the little gray/ginger/white fluff-ball to my son (soon after Bootsie bit me with he razor-sharp little teeth), my son exclaimed “This is the happiest day of my life!” You see, my son never had a stuffed bear that he cared about, but from the time he was teenie, tiny, he owned a white stuffed cat that he could not live without. He outgrew Kitty only after Boots came into our lives. (I know Wes’ YaYa is reading this — thank you my friend for buying that stuffed animal for him all those years ago! Kitty still lives in my son’s closet.)

Some pictures of the day Boots arrived in our lives:



From this wild beginning, Boots became a people cat almost instantly. We often talked about how unfulfilled his life would have been if he had stayed in the barn with no one to adore him and snuggle with him. Certainly our lives changed for the better the day he joined us.

These two best friends spent a lot of time together.



The Saga of Boots and his bathroom remodel adventure is one of the most read posts on our blog.

These two best friends grew up together. Now my little boy is 18-years-old and Bootsie is gone.

Boots was my sewing buddy. The corner chair by the window in my sewing room has the best afternoon light and it was his favorite place to sleep alone in the sunshine. He also liked to be wherever we were — purring and snuggling and bringing comfort and a occassional gift for the sorry folks he lived with who were too dull to hunt for themselves.


Whenever I moved a quilt and a book out to the lawn to enjoy a sunny afternoon, Boots could be counted on to show up and keep me company.


When we moved across the street to a new and bigger house, Boots, who was an indoor-outdoor kitty, gained new territory, but he always went back across the street in the morning to inspect his old stomping grounds and explore the cliff and the stream located there.

We placed him at rest above the cliff, wrapped in his/my favorite fluffy bathrobe. We are heartbroken.

The last month without him has been difficult. There are too many monumental changes happening in my life right now. I was not ready for Boots to be one of them.

My long arm quilter, the Fabulous Ms. G., gave me a mini paper-pieced heart pattern that I completed this summer when I was visiting Cindy in Ohio. Now we are approaching Valentine’s Day and it’s high time I completed the quilting. Look who is featured in the February block:


Boots was a tremendous once-in-a-lifetime friend and kitty. I’m glad he was in my life.


“Left” in Ohio!

Sandy is traveling through a very cold New York State so it’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio again today!

I often think I should have kept a journal of all the quilts I made through the years, but it just didn’t happen!  Look what I got for Christmas…now I have no excuses!


Since I am a certified left-handed quilter, a very Dear Friend (DF) gave me a left handed clock for my sewing room.  I have to admit, it took me a few minutes to figure out what this is.  It kind of looks like a compass, but then I realized there are two clocks…one going clockwise for right handers and one going counter clockwise for left handers.  Very clever!  Thanks, DF!

I’m working on another charm square quilt.  Here are a few pics to show you my color palette.


The charm squares are from different fabric lines but when I put them together, I think they work!


I think this burgundy floral print is gorgeous!


Once I add the border, I’ll share the final quilt top with you.  I went to my favorite quilt shop today but forgot to put the quilt top in my car….sigh! Now I’ll have to make another trip to the quilt shop….hmmmm maybe I really forgot on purpose!

Stay warm!

Quilting Mediums

Cindy reporting in from Ohio…the mid-western state with no snow in January!

For Christmas 2018, I received several lovely gifts that used non-fabric quilting mediums.  My very dear friend (DF), decided to make a pieced Christmas tree for me from paper…it’s just lovely!


Paper is the perfect quilting medium when fabric is not at hand!  DF also laminated this masterpiece so I can use it as a small place mat or coaster.  Thank you, DF!

DF also made this beautiful picture for the wall of my sewing room.  Paper applique…I am loving this as there were no edges to turn under.  DF, I know you’re reading this…thank you again!


Mr. MH, the husband of a fellow guild member, made a “quilting block” (pictured below) for each guild member.  It’s made from a scrap of wood from his wood shop.

This is super handy as it has:  A nail for a spool of thread, a slanted hole for a pair of small scissors, a magnet on the side for pins, a foam pin cushion and a small hole filled with beeswax…very clever and practical for hand work!


Mr. MH even stamped the bottom with his personal logo and the year he made it.


Quilting inspiration is everywhere and comes in many forms.  Thank you to all my dear, resourceful friends for sharing your inspiration with me!