Summer Days Go By

Cindy and I are reveling in lots of excellent quilting news — the most exciting of which is that Cindy’s Girls’ Best Friend quilt will be featured in the next issue of Make Modern magazine, which will be published tomorrow! Issue 29 is stuffed with wonderful quilting ideas and we are hopping up and down in anticipation of this milestone for Gray Barn Designs! Yippee!

Last week we ran a contest to give away a 6-month subscription to Make Modern for someone who commented on our blog. Elaine was the winner and her name has been submitted to the publishers of Make Modern who generously donated the gift. Thank you Make Modern!

I spent some time on the farm last night walking with our older sister and enjoying the peace and quiet of the hill. The sun was offering a soft golden light. It was just what I needed.

Older sister is a lover of all things birch trees. We caught this reflection in the pond.
LOL — Mom had some cement work done around the house and one of the cats left their mark forever.

The improve graduation quilt is completed and gifted. It’s headed off to college in about 6 weeks.

Neutral tones and strong purples with a scrappy binding (thanks to Cindy)!

Other exciting quilting news is on the horizon soon, so be sure to stay tuned.

Mini Glam for Free!

Sandy and I have decided to go for the glam this week!

Red Rooster Quilts is hosting a mini quilt challenge for paper pieced blocks.  The challenge is to use Kona Splash, the 2019 Kona color of the year, in a paper pieced mini quilt.

Naturally, Sandy’s Glam Girl Paper Pieced Blocks GBD 2019  work perfectly for this challenge.  The Kona Splash really brings out the glam, don’t you think?
Mini with logo

We chose the lipstick, hairspray, lotion and nail polish blocks BUT they are all so cute, we just might make another mini using some of the other blocks…especially the shoe!  To add a bit of bling…we added a few crystals for hairspray.
Hairspray crystals

The lipstick block is one of our favorites, we’ve made it many times.
Lipstick logo

You can download this free mini quilt pattern by clicking on the links below.  Sandy designed 12 Glam Girl paper pieced blocks, pick 4 and get ready for some glam!

Glam Girl Paper Pieced Blocks GBD 2019

Glam Girl Mini July 8 2019



Can’t keep it a secret any more: Make Modern Magazine

Sandy and I have been working on several exciting projects in the background and now it’s time to let everyone in on one of our secrets. Are you ready?

We are thrilled to announce that Make Modern Magazine will publish one of our quilt patterns!

Make Modern is a digital quilting magazine that features modern quilts and patterns  from many different quilt designers. Take a look at their pattern gallery for some really amazing designs and follow them on Instagram.

Issue 29 of the magazine will be published on July 12th and Cindy’s Girl’s Best Friend quilt pattern will be one of the featured designs.  Here’s a sneak preview:

IMG_0867 GBF with logo

Sandy and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this quilt around the farm last fall.  We hung it from trees, draped it over tractors, hung it on mom’s clothes line, taped it to the barn…you name it, we tried it!  Following the advice of other quilt photographers, we took our best pictures on a cloudy day.

In addition to our photography adventures, it’s been a fun to meet and work with Kristy, Jane and Lara throughout the publication planning process. 

It’s gift-away time

To celebrate our first publication as quilt designers, the Make Modern team is providing us with a FREE 6-month subscription to Make Modern Magazine to bestow on one of our readers.

All you have to do to enter the drawing for a free 6-month subscription is be a follower of our blog and leave a comment before July 6, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). 

Thank you for helping us celebrate our publication debut!