Tag Team Follow-up

Good morning!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

We finished decorating our tree yesterday and I wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas ornaments with you.  My son made this ornament for me when he was in pre-school (many years ago) and it always makes me smile.  He’s wearing his favorite dinosaur sweatshirt…very festive!


In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my two neighbors who just happen to be teen-age girls or TAGS as I affectionately call them.  One TAG is very interested in continuing her sewing journey so of course I have many ideas to help her in this quest!

A community service project I have been working on, through my guild,  is to make place mats for Meals on Wheels recipients.  I thought my TAG would like to help make a few place mats and I was right!

Step 1:  I asked her to piece batting scraps together to begin learning how to use a zig zag stitch.  Nice job!


Once we had the place mats assembled and turned right side out, I had her top stitch around the outside edges.  She’s learning how to turn corners with the needle down…not bad!


Next, I asked her to get more brave and just top stitch/quilt however she liked.  I had her use a light thread color so she could see what she was doing.  I knew she had gained confidence because she started sewing just a little faster!


We now have 5 place mats completed and have 4 more in progress.  Soon we’ll be on to the next TAG project.  Stay tuned for more TAG team fun!





In the middle of the joy and bustle of the holidays, I like to take precious moments to sit quietly and reflect on the lessons learned, the chances not taken, the mis-steps, the words spoken and unspoken, and the joys and accomplishments of the past 365 days. Hand sewing always gives me that chance. #quiltbonding time can be therapeutic.


The road to the farm under a December fingernail moon:


Color of the Year — you guessed it

Dear orange, Orange, ORANGE: you can call yourself “Living Coral” all you want, but I still see you!

What a cruel trick to play on my orange-weary psyche — you go and get yourself named the Pantone color of the year for 2019 using an alias, an also known as, a fake name — you clever color, you. However, that old adage is true: a tiger can’t change his <orange> stripes. I. Still. See. You.

Pantone picks ‘humanizing’ color as 2019 color of the year

Now that I understand what I’m up against– a conspiracy of orange/living coral/tangerine/pumpkin/salmon or whatever you are calling yourself today and the world-wide marketing reach of Pantone, (the greatest color arbiter in the world)— I vow to conquer you in 2019, embrace you as my friend, and win this struggle using love, not hate.

I will make you into a carrot, just you wait and see.




Fabric Find

Recently, I helped a friend start clearing out things from her mother-in-law’s home.  It’s a lovely home filled with stately antique furniture, interesting art work, many sets of fine china and so many memories!

The craft room…where to start?  We could hardly walk in the door of this bedroom turned craft room.  There were craft items stacked on the floor, on the bed, on the desk and in the closet.

I left with a yard of lovely canvas weight fabric.  It’s a bright, bold print that just begs to be made into patio pillows.


I like the butterfly, even though it’s flying upside down in this picture!


These patio pillows will make a nice Christmas gift for my friend.  I think her family will use them to make new memories in this wonderful home.