Dresden Escape Published in Make Modern Magazine

It’s true, I’m back from vacation!  Sandy is now vacationing on a beach on the east coast and hopefully avoiding tropical storms…or worse!

We’re excited to announce that a pattern we designed has been published in the most recent Make Modern Magazine, a digital quilting magazine.

Last August when Sandy came to visit, we decided to design a quilt for mom and give it to her for Christmas.  Mom is a fan of 30’s prints and we wanted her quilt to look modern and fresh so we added lots of white space and some pinwheels.  Mom loves her quilt and here it is…Dresden Escape revealed at last!
Close up curve with logoThis is a bed size quilt with a total of 9 Dresden Plate blocks and it measures 89 x 89 inches square.  We had fun shopping for the backing.  It’s a lime green with white polka dots…another modern touch.
Clothesline left shot logoIf you’d like a copy of the pattern, click on this link to subscribe to the Make Modern digital magazine:  Make Modern Magazine

We really enjoy our subscription.  The Make Modern Magazine team does a great job of posting modern patterns designed by quilters from around the world along with interesting articles, tips and tricks for quilters of all skill levels.  It’s also nice to have a magazine in digital format…less clutter in my sewing room!
Clothesline half in airHey Sandy, have fun on your VACATION!!!!!



Vintage Treasure #4

Did I mention that Cindy’s still on vacation? She wrote most of this before she left….

Sandy and I previously posted about working on three vintage quilts for a family friend.  We are happy to report the happy ending of two of these threee projects.

Bea was so touched by this finished quilt because it was made from her father’s flannel shirts.
Plaid flannel 1Sandy and I found a soft, bright red flannel for the backing and then we chose a solid blue flannel for the binding.
Plaid flannel 4Soft swirls were perfect for the quilting.  Sandy and I agree that this is one of the best quilts we’ve ever made.  Not only is it soft and beautiful, but it holds so many memories of Bea’s father.
Plaid flannel 2

When we were little, dad and mom used to load us up in the family car and take us for Sunday drives after the milking chores were done. A stop at Bea’s father’s and mother’s house was frequently on the itinerary. They had a house full of antiques, including old coin banks that her father liked to show us. I think he instilled his love for antiques in me. Sandy.

We also gave Bea the Vintage Triangle quilt that she had pieced with her mother and grandmother, both of whom have passed away.  I cut the edges so they were straight and sent it off to my quilter, Ms. SJ, for an all over meander  quilting pattern.  We backed this quilt with Fog by Robert Kaufman Fabrics  and then we made the binding from a solid navy fabric.

Triangle 1

Bea cried when she received these completed quilts. She said her grandmother said, “Why are you even bothering with these quilt pieces? We all know that you will never get the quilt finished.”

Bea’s grandmother was a sweet lady, but she let her inner pessimist dribble out with that remark. All these years later, Bea was still feeling the sting of those words. We were happy to help prove Grandma Mac wrong. 

We’re still working on one more family treasure for Bea, stay tuned for the final episode of Vintage Treasures!

Before and After

Cindy wrote this post before she went on vacation. She’s frolicking on the West Coast, as we discussed….

I was helping a friend clean out some things from her mother-in-law’s house and we came across this little bird.  It appeared to need a bit of TLC but I saw the potential in this cute sewing organizer.

Before 2
Before Birdie

Our son is crafty and one of his hobbies is painting small things.  He likes to paint Christmas ornaments and little boxes and personalize them for each person.  I decided to turn this little birdie over to him for a complete make-over.  All I can say is, “Wow!”

After 1
After Birdie
After 4
AFter 3

Isn’t this cute?  What a transformation!  I love all the bright colors AND I just so happened to have some coordinating fabric in my stash to cover the pin cushion on its back.

What a great way to brighten up my sewing room!

Do you have any before and after stories of sewing room décor to share?  We’d love to hear about them!

It’s On

I’m here to report that Cindy is on vacation again. I’m not bitter. Really. Well sorta. Maybe kinda. Almost definitely.

To compound the bitterness, she started texting me pictures like this:

Mt. Rainer – meh.

So I fired back with this:

Top of the hill above the Gray Barn — spiritual

Then she texted a picture of a delicious fresh fig….

Juicy, to be sure, but you can’t eat the whole thing.

So I let her know that there was no way she was going to one-up me!

Fig Newtons — 100% edible and I didn’t have to fly across the country to get them!

I haven’t heard back from her since. I think she knows that I’m the winner.

In quilting news, I’ve finished my fall pillow covers and am considering a fall decorating fest for tomorrow night.

P.S. Enjoy your 3rd or 4th vacation of the year, Cindy. Really.