Grayed out

It’s been weeks and weeks since Cindy or I have checked in. Have you heard of the word “languishing” to describe the “almost-end-of-the-pandemic” general malaise? I read a headline about it, but was too zoned out to dive into the details, and that about sums up where I’ve been for a couple of weeks — wandering around in a grayed-out world, trying to regain some momentum. Are you feeling the same?

I received both rounds of vaccine in late March, so my roommate and I headed south to visit friends and family. Our ultimate destination was Hilton Head, South Carolina. I was pretty sure that a dose of sunshine and sand and saltwater would cure what ails me. We have been so lucky through all of this mess, but the urge to be somewhere else was very strong.

On the way south, I stopped to visit my bestie from college. One of my Covid projects was to sew a modern quilt for her in jewel tones. I love this woman so much! I hope this quilt will reminder her of that every day. She is one of the funniest people I know. She always makes me laugh and now she’s working on a stand-up comedy routine — she is one brave woman! Just being able to see her helped me feel better.

We were gone on our trip for about 3 weeks. I took some hand sewing with me, but I worked during the day, so I dedicated all my after hours to spending time on the beach. I’m not much of a sunbather — and it was a little cool for that anyway — but I tried to walk every morning and evening. It is so healing to be out in nature.

My last morning walk on the beach was full of gray, but the sun was rising right over my shoulder, so I know it’s not going to last much longer.

I vow to stop languishing and get back to sewing and creating. I have a table runner to make for a July wedding gift and a baby quilt to make for a co-worker who is due in August. Plus, I have a lot of scrap fabric that needs to be processed into 1.5″ squares. Only happy colors allowed.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

It’s almost here! I cannot wait.

What’s great about spring in western New York?

  • the smell of mud
  • maple syrup
  • teasingly warm days and chilly nights
  • not-yet-hatched bugs
  • violets
  • new wild babies
  • Buffalo’s Broadway Market and it’s Easter vendors
  • spring cleaning (kidding)

My favorite local garden shop and florist is having a retirement sale and I snagged an Amish-made wall quilt rack. I’m really going to miss her shop, but I’m excited to have another place to display my art.

As I sort through my Easter decorations, I found this cheeky wall hanging. You can find the pattern here — Happy Spring!

paper pieced carrot pattern
Bunny Crunch Mini Quilt

Yellow Dilemma

It’s Cindy reporting in today with a yellow dilemma. I’m getting ready to join my Grandmother’s Flower Garden Blocks and I have two yellow prints to choose from.

In keeping with my 30’s inspired blocks, both prints are designed by Darlene Zimmerman. The print below is called “Sunshine Garden” and it has triangles surrounded by tiny dots in a random pattern. It’s a gold/yellow print on a white background.

My next print is called “Southern Belles” and it has teeny, tiny x’s and o’s in structured rows and columns. It’s also a gold/yellow print on a white background.

So…I need your opinion on which print looks best. Do I go with:

A. “Sunshine Garden”


B. “Southern Belles”

I’ve got plenty of each fabric so I can use one print for the front and one print for the backing.

Thanks for keeping me on task…I vow to finish this quilt this year…well, I mean hopefully this year…I’d better get to work and start making hexagons!