Today’s Guest Author

Good morning!  My name is Kathie and I am a close friend of Cindy and Sandy’s family.

As today’s guest author, I wanted to share with their online community that Cindy and Sandy recently lost their father.

On March 14, their dad took his last walk to the barn for which this blog is named and the logo designed.  He was a life long farmer who took his responsibilities to his family, his animals and his land very seriously.

He instilled in each of his daughters a strong work ethic, so I am sure Cindy and Sandy will be sharing their quilting adventures again as soon as they feel able. May their dad find the peace and rest that often eludes a dairy farmer (and father of four girls).


His favorite tractor

Planning Ahead

Pre-spring is unfurling here in western NY after two days of sunny skies and warming temperatures. My thoughts are turning to the summer and the outdoor picnics to come. Although I need to start work on something big — a quilt that I have not yet designed — I’ve been distracting myself with little projects and by relocating my sewing room. I simply could not bear to remain in the room where my darling kitty Bootsie and I spent so many happy hours. So I’ve relocated my sewing room to the basement. Although the light is not as good down here, I find that I have more space and I feel more connected to the flow of the house.

While organizing my fabric stash and scrap baskets post-move, I rediscovered an old advertising premium that I bought for $1 in an antique store last year. It will be perfect for a couch pillow for Memorial day. The fabric is a bit thin, but I think I can stabilize it with some muslin. It’s also a tiny bit discolored, but I think it adds to the charm — after all what is pristine after 43 years??

I trimmed the flag so that the most interesting design elements will be centered for the final product.

1976 EZ Tempo advertising flag. What/who is EZ Tempo? I have no idea– my usual sleuthing skills have failed me.

I dragged my roommate along to Material Rewards this weekend to find the complimenting fabrics for my pillow design and he helped me pick out these:

New fat quarters smell so good!

I’m trying so hard not to buy fabric this quarter while I improvise and use things that I already own. I’m calling my shopping trip a success because I was using the end of a gift certificate. The solid blue was in my stash, so I only “had” to buy two fat quarters. That doesn’t count as buying fabric, does it? (I know you are shaking your head ‘no’ — thank you for agreeing with me– we quilters have to stick together!).

I was sewing strips together tonight when I realized that, although I pre-washed the flag weeks ago, I have not, in fact, pre-washed the red star fabric. How many times do I need to learn the pre-wash lesson??? Sewing on hold while I wait for the dryer….

Happy pre-spring!

My Tribe at Last

Oh happy day – it’s official—I am a proud new member of the Catherine Schuyler chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Yippee! A 40-year goal finally completed!

As I’ve mentioned before, my fascination with this group began when I was in high school. I loved history then (and now) and I remember asking my parents if we had any “patriots” in our family tree. Since my mother’s family emigrated from Bavaria after the American Civil War, I hit a non-productive branch of the family tree early on. But my father’s family has been in America since the 1600s; however he claimed to know nothing about the family history. Finding records back before the internet seemed like an impossible task.

Then technology caught up with my dreams and I found a lead on in 2017. Using that website I found a likely patriot almost immediately. Then the real work began. I met with the local DAR chapter membership representative and she helped explain the process of how to document the connection. It took me a full two years to track everything down, create the application form and then gain approval from the organization, but we did it! I love the integrity that the organization imposes on the process. It makes the inclusion even more special.

Although my “patriot” was, in fact, a solider, anyone who can document that their ancestor supported the revolution can be part of the organization – maybe someone related to you sold horses to the militia or let them camp on their land, or even worked as a spy – as long as there is documentary evidence of the support and then you can trace back to that evidence in your family tree, you can join too.

There is even more fun to be had by crawling through more genealogy sites: it is common and a point of pride in the organization to uncover more than one patriot in one’s family tree. I think I’ve found another likely candidate in my lineage and when I get a chance to conduct some more research, I do believe I’ll chase the dream for a second time!

Cindy and all of my sisters can also join the DAR by simply linking themselves to me and joining my local chapter or one near where they live. My son can expect a membership to the Sons of the American Revolution (brother organization to the DAR) for high school graduation.

Now that I’m older, I understand the mission of the DAR and applaud their civic-minded, non-partisan approach to promoting patriotism, education and historical preservation.

This week I found out that my local chapter is having a quilt raffle to raise funds. Isn’t this quilt the cutest?

baby quilt
Hand stitched and quilted baby quilt by Darlene Wells

Quilting and history and a society of patriots – I think I’ve found my tribe.

A New TAG Project!

Good morning!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Central Ohio.

Our neighbors have 2 teen age girls or (TAGS) as I affectionately call them!  One TAG has a community service project due at school mid/late March and she wants to make a quilt or two for children in the hospital.  Be still my heart, she asked me to help her!

We’ll start with quilt #1 and her inspiration fabric she found at home.


Of course I had fabrics on hand to complement this floral print!  TAG pulled out shades of yellow, green and light teal.  She ironed them and stacked them together neatly in a pile…oh…I am just loving this organization.  Note fabrics in upper left photo below are for quilt #2…I think she might be doing something with rainbow colors but we’ll focus on quilt #1 for now!


TAG thought she might use scissors to cut out all her 5×5 inch squares but I showed her how to use the rotary cutter and within 2 hours, she had all of her 70+ squares cut out.

I would float in and out of the room, checking to see if she had questions, but TAG did great while singing along to the latest top 40 hits!  TAG learned rotary cutting skills and I learned a few new songs…learning is indeed a two way street!


Next TAG attempted to arrange her charm squares with Norma in the room.  As you can see from the upper left corner of the photo below, Norma decided she would help.  Needless to say, Norma was soon banished from the room during this process!


Everything is now neatly stacked and labeled…ready for the next step of sewing these charm squares together.


Stay tuned for more TAG fun!