Lazy Post-Summer Days

Summer finally arrived post-equinox here in WNY. The last few weeks have been clear dry days with highs in the 80’s and sunny skies. It has been glorious. I used these late lazy ‘summer’ days to:

  1. Drag a quilt outside and read after leaving my pays-the-bills job. My little shadow cannot resist a good quilt snuggle. We spent several afternoons this week outside.


Read to me mom!

2. Picnic at a Leaves and Lobsters event at Glenora winery in the Finger Lakes — it was wonderful, will definitely become an annual event.


Confession: one lobster was not enough. We scarfed this down and then went to the weinery next door for a “snack”. Don’t tell my new personal trainer, ‘k? Oh, and if you are wondering, that tea wasn’t mine, if you know what I mean!


Beautiful Seneca Lake


3. Uncover treasures at a local second-hand shop.


Twelve 12″ hand-stitched squares for $20. Love them!


Despite the temperature, fall colors are everywhere!

We are lucky to be located here in a drama free weather zone. Thinking of fellow Americans who are not so lucky in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico.

7 thoughts on “Lazy Post-Summer Days

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Kitty in a quilt in an outside cozy quilt snuggle – sounds like heaven! I dragged out my sunflower quilt onto the porch swing the other day – very delicious! Lobster! Your images on this post were all quite pleasing! This post is like a pleasant daydream 🙂

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