Porch Ponderings

Hello!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio today.  I know spring is just around the corner because Punxsutawney Phil said so!

Since spring will soon be here (because I have no reason to doubt Phil), I’ve been thinking about pillows for my front porch swing.  Stop the press!  Check out this cool panel I found!zebra LargeBut wait, there’s more!  This porch pondering panel purchase includes two, yes two, different designs.  Here’s the other one.Elephant largeThe panels are fairly large and will make pillows that are 18 inches or more, depending on how big I make the border.  These bright colors will pack a porch pondering punch!zebra close upLike these panels?  Here’s the scoop on how to find them!  Fabric choice

4 thoughts on “Porch Ponderings

  1. Connie Henry says:

    I just copied your adorable pattern for the Bunny Hop Spring Table Rnner. What brand what was the adorable material used for it?

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