Quilt Show Highlights II

Good morning from Ohio!  Here are a few more highlights from my guild’s quilt show.

This star quilt was made for a mom who loves July 4th.  I may need to get started on one of these, I have plenty of patriotic fabrics to choose from!Cheryls mom July 4thThe quilt below was made from 6 inch squares and hand tied instead of quilted.  This is a quilt I could wrap around myself,  jump on the couch and read a good book on a snowy/rainy day…maybe even this weekend…too bad it’s hanging on a wall!  Tied QuiltBatik fabrics are the right choice for this beautiful elephant wall hanging. ElephantI was intrigued by how she did the eye and here is a close up view.  You can also see how each piece of the elephant was machine appliqued to the background fabric.  IMG_4107I hope some of these quilts have inspired you to try a new technique or pattern…the perfect thing to do on a snowy winter weekend!

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