London Bound — How far does a quilter have to go to find her dream fabric?

The hours are ticking away before my flight to London — which is the temporary home of my current bucket list fabric stash yardage. That fabric presently resides at Liberty London, but by Saturday afternoon it will be mine, mine, mine! I’m giddy! I mean, I’m even more excited about this than I was about scoring a French General kit on sale a few years ago. Because this — this– I’ve had time to prepare myself for and revel in the anticipation. You’ll have to excuse me while I finish happy dancing!

I’ve started to pack. I need stuff for work and play and workouts and afternoon tea. #overpackinginprogress

E-list for London

Have you ever documented how many electronics you need when you’re traveling?

This is my list — it includes two laptops: one for work-work, and a personal one for my on-line college teaching gig (classes begin Monday 1/20). Whew — that’s a lot of electrical cords to keep straight. I never did get around to sewing a cord organizing system. Maybe next time.

More fun news about my London trip: my good friend LG will be coming too! Our boys were best friends in high school and we bonded during many, many, many soccer games and tennis matches and well, many glasses of wine too. She found out about my trip last Saturday night and she bought her ticket to join me the next day. We’re on different flights, so we’ll meet up in London on Sunday morning by that time I hope I will have figured out the Tube and all the best neighborhood pubs and fish and chips shops.

Meanwhile, the postage stamp project continues. This week I received another lovely donation of red 1.5″ squares from Mary at Quilting is in My Blood. They are simply beautiful. Thank you Mary! And Roseanne, and Wendy and Tierney and Cindy too, who have also helped by contributing to the pile of squares I need for my crazy queen sized postage stamp quilt plan.

Mary of Quilting is In My Blood has good taste in red. With a blog of that name, you know she has a stash of fab reds!

Unfortunately, my Bernina is in need of a tune-up. I suppose it’s good timing, since I will be away, but I miss it when my machine is not in it’s usual place. Do you feel like there is some kind of ripple in the universe when your machine is missing from your space? Maybe it’s just me?

TaTa for now. I’ll check in from London!

7 thoughts on “London Bound — How far does a quilter have to go to find her dream fabric?

  1. piecefulwendy says:

    Oh, I’m so excited for you — the whole trip sounds fun – well, maybe not the work part – haha! My quilty universe tilted just a bit the other day when I thought I’d have to take my machine in. Thankfully, Mr. Google came to the rescue and as far as I know all is well. Phew! Have loads of fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • sandradny says:

      Thanks, Wendy! Glad all is well with your machine. Mine will definitely be at the spa while I’m gone. I’ll drop it off on the way to the airport.

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy! Have a safe trip!! I know you will have a blast. Riding the Tube and buses are so easy – at least you speak the language. Sort of, anyway. Be sure when you know the name of your stop, which line, and most importantly – the name of your hotel!! We took off happily exploring and then couldn’t remember the name of our stop (or the hotel name). Since there was only one hotel in London way back then (NOT) it was no issue. OOOOOOH – have the bestest time in Liberty. I am SO excited for you. How fun that you’ll have a friend with you. Yum – authentic fish and chips, quaint pubs, cool and cute cabs all wrapped up in London. Does it get any better?! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    • sandradny says:

      Excellent advice, Roseanne. It’s been so long since I traveled like this that I’m a bit nervous. Hurray for cell phones!

  3. laughinggasquilts says:

    Have a fabulous trip! You’re going to love Liberty London. In fact, you’re going to love London altogether. The tube is very straight forward, and there’s an app for the public transportation that tells you exactly how to get from place to place. Have a blast!

    • sandradny says:

      Oh, there’s an app for that — I didn’t even think of that option. Thanks! I refuse to look like a tourist with a big old map in my hand — I’d rather be lost 🙂

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