Seeing Red

Just a quick update from NY.

I did some math. I hate math. I had some red 1.5″ inch squares. I thought “I can do something with these”. So I planned a queen-sized postage stamp quilt. I quickly sewed through my stash of scrap squares, then I cut a few more squares from random red yardage. I still only had 1 row of the quilt completed. Yikes! I decided to count how many squares I might need. Check my calculations:

  • Each mini block has 12 1.5″ squares
  • There are 15 mini blocks in each row. That means that there are 180 squares in each row
  • I’m planning on 19 rows to make the quilt queen sized
  • That’s a whopping 3,420 1.5″ squares

Well of course, that meant that I had to sort and count how many squares I already had on hand: about 1250.

I decided to cut all the remaining squares before I sew any more of the quilt. I want to make sure that all the colors and patterns are thoroughly distributed throughout the finished quilt. I’m getting there!


23 thoughts on “Seeing Red

    • sandradny says:

      Chela — I’m going to be in Austin for a quick trip this week. I wish I had time to meet up with you and pick them up!

  1. Shasta says:

    Looks good! When I make quilts like that, I try to focus on the little numbers so I don’t get overwhelmed with the big numbers. Just cut, make a few blocks, cut some more, make more blocks, and then only when I get to the end, to avoid cutting too much, I start counting.

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