Patriotic Table Runner – Free Pattern

rwb_Thankful2Sandy and I wanted to share something special with you as we approach Memorial Day.  Upon reflection, “Thankful” says it all.

The men and women who serve our country are extraordinary.  It is hard to fathom the depth of their patriotism and sacrifice from the comfort of our homes.  These individuals willingly position themselves as a shield between our families, friends and neighbors and the perils of the world.  Let us be thankful for their courage, integrity, dedication and sacrifice.

You can download this pattern from the link below.

Thankful Patriotic Table Runner 05 14 17

We will also be posting this pattern to FaveQuilts.  It’s a great resource for all types of patriotic quilting inspiration.


14 thoughts on “Patriotic Table Runner – Free Pattern

  1. Louise Wilson says:

    I am planing a quilt of valor and would like to incorporate your letters but want it to say thank you. I can see how to make the o and u but I do not see the y. Do you have a resource for other letters. Thanks for your help

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Hi Louise! So glad you like our letters! To make a Y…go to the “Free Patterns” tab on our website. We have a “Family” pillow and a “Christmas Joy” pillow that uses a patchwork block Y. Please send us a photo of your quilt, we would love to see it and perhaps even blog about your quilt of valor. Thank you for serving our veterans through your quilting talents! Sincerely,
      Cindy and Sandy

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Hi Louise! If this is a duplicate message, please disregard but I just got a message that said my reply to you failed. Please go the the Free Patterns tab on our website. You will see a “Family Pillow” and a “Christmas Joy” pillow that has a pieced, block Y for you to use. Please share a photo of your completed quilt, we would love to see it and even incorporate it into our blog. Thank you for using your quilting talents to support our veterans!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      We have the letter “Y” in two places. Go to our “Free Patterns” tab and look at our “Family” pillow and our “Christmas Joy” pillow. You will find the patchwork “Y” in those patterns. This is my 4th message to you and I apologize if this is spamming you. I keep getting a “message failed to send” banner every time I click send. Please let us know if you receive this message! Thanks!

  2. Barbara L. Southard says:

    Absolutely love this pattern and your generosity in sharing it. Can’t wait to try and make it for my dad, a veteran!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      So glad you love our pattern and it’s going to a veteran! Please thank him for his service on our behalf!

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