A New Christmas Quilt Pattern!

Cindy here, reporting in from Ohio.  I did a lot of sewing this past weekend and finished a beautiful Christmas quilt that Sandy designed.

For the patchwork squares, Sandy combined four 10 inch blocks (finished size) to make one large 20 inch block (finished size).

We were looking for just the right fabric line for Sandy’s design and fell in love with “Little Tree” by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics.  What do you think?
Outside picWe ordered our fabrics from Fabric Shack, a favorite store of ours in Waynesville, Ohio. We’re working on the FREE pattern right now and hope to post it very soon!  Stay tuned!
full pic outside



Free Pattern to Celebrate Your Family

Every family has its quirky side — why not honor that uniqueness with a thoroughly modern quilt banner?

Sew up this quilt quickly and take it to display at this year’s summer family reunion. It could make you the most popular person in attendance.  Sandy and I will be rock stars at our family reunion next month!


We wanted something bright, modern and of course quilted!  Pinwheels are a favorite of ours so we decided to play around with pinwheel layouts.  The pink and white blocks evolved and well, we love the results!


We used scraps we had on hand.  We just selected a few coordinating scrap colors and used the hot pink for accents.  You can download this pattern by clicking on the link below:

Family Wall Hanging 06 22 17

I (Cindy) learned a new technique while finishing this quilt.  I watched several on line tutorials about how to add a quilt binding at a 45 degree angle (instead of at the usual 90 degrees).  My favorite tutorial is by Marci Baker and you can link to it here.  Marci does a nice job of showing the step by step process of adding quilt bindings at different angles.

While I was attaching this binding, I had my laptop right next to my sewing machine.  I would  watch, sew, pause, watch, sew and pause until I had this binding sewn on just right.  Full disclosure–my seam ripper got a real work out that day!


We will also be posting this pattern to FaveQuilts.com as this is our “GO TO” site for free quilt patterns.  You will be sure to find many quilt designs, no matter what your quilting style!  Give it a try for lots of summer quilting inspiration!


Be sure to send us pics of your “FAMILY”!

Patriotic Table Runner – Free Pattern

rwb_Thankful2Sandy and I wanted to share something special with you as we approach Memorial Day.  Upon reflection, “Thankful” says it all.

The men and women who serve our country are extraordinary.  It is hard to fathom the depth of their patriotism and sacrifice from the comfort of our homes.  These individuals willingly position themselves as a shield between our families, friends and neighbors and the perils of the world.  Let us be thankful for their courage, integrity, dedication and sacrifice.

You can download this pattern from the link below.

Thankful Patriotic Table Runner 05 14 17

We will also be posting this pattern to FaveQuilts.  It’s a great resource for all types of patriotic quilting inspiration.


Traditional Stuffing

Christmas Past:

House rule #1225:  On Christmas morning many years ago, four eager girls were allowed to “sneak” downstairs (often on or before 2 a.m.), grab their Christmas stockings and run back upstairs to their bedrooms.  Each girl was allowed to open the special gifts and treats that Santa had stuffed in their stockings!  The gifts under the tree had to wait until mom and dad woke up around 6 a.m.

Christmas Present:

My new daughter-in-law does not have a Christmas stocking, gasp!  Immediately the quilting wheels started turning!

I found a free McCalls Christmas Stocking Pattern and got to work!  Sandy gave me several yards of this gorgeous Christmas plaid fabric last year.  Nice colors for a stocking!


I cut out the pattern and made a quilt sandwich for the front of the stocking and for the back of the stocking.  I machine quilted straight lines up and down and sideways with my walking foot.  I know, I know!  I need to venture from this boring technique but it just seemed easier that stressing out over quilting patterns that have the potential to head south faster than Sandy’s flying geese!


See?  Nice and neat, no stress for this quilting novice!


Next, I decided to embellish the top part of the stocking.  Did I ever mention I have a painter’s tape addiction?  I use it for all kinds of things in my sewing room…including fabric stenciling!  I tape the fabric and stencil combo to a giant plastic square ruler and paint away!  The painter’s tape easily peels off and does not leave a residue on the fabric.


Here is the result of my painting and sewing embellishment.


The hardest part of this project?  The top stitching around the top edge!  I tore out the stitching 3 times and broke 3 machine needles!  I even had to use pliers to get one of the needles out of the seam…and I thought machine quilting was stressful!

Christmas Future:

I hope my daughter-in-law loves her Christmas stocking. Now this newly married couple can continue together the traditional stuffing of the stocking!