With All My Heart, Take Two

In a previous post, I mentioned I made this quilt  for my friend, Brenda, who was being treated for breast cancer.  Brenda just moved into a brand new house and I wanted to make something special to give to her as a house warming gift.

In the process of cleaning out my stash, I found enough left over fabric to make Brenda two matching pillow shams–hooray!  After piecing the tops, I got to work machine quilting.  I used my old standby, blue painter’s tape,  to mark my quilting rows.  The tape didn’t stick to the fabric as much as I wanted it to so I pinned it in place.


It was very windy outside while I was sewing yesterday but Norma kept watch for any tornadoes that might be headed our way!  While she indicated she was on a tornado watch, I really think she was on a squirrel/chipmunk watch.


Below are my completed shams.  I washed them to make them all soft and scrunchy looking–is that really a quilting phrase?



I am meeting up with Brenda tomorrow to give these gifts to her.  I hope she likes them–I sure do!

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