Waiting, waiting….

I finally got a chance to drop my machine off at the repair relay station on Saturday. Tomorrow the repair dude will pick it up and drive the old husky 1.5 hours away. After diagnosis and repair estimate (ack!), I expect him (or his workshop elves) to clean it, tune it, fix it and drive it back to the depot. Best guestimate: I’ll back in business in time for national quilting day on March 18! Hurray! But, please keep your fingers crossed!

While I was contemplating the repair schedule, I realized that I need to get busy on the planned quilt for my friend Kathy’s June retirement. I’ve been keeping the fat quarters I purchased for it in neat-ish stack in my sewing room. I hauled them out and started ironing. I cut my favorite ivory/cream fat quarter first and had a little nervous start — this quilt calls for some precise cutting to the 7/8th inch. Yikes! I’ll have to keep my wits about me as I work.


First fat quarter cut for “True Blue”.


I love my little pin cushion bunny! I made him when they were all the rage on Pinterest last spring!


I threw these little cutting scraps into the waste bin. Please do not tell me of a cute project where they would be useful. I acknowledge that I have a fabric problem — I’ve been a little sweaty since I chucked them in the trash. 

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