I’m having a little panic attack


My sewing machine is due for a check-up. I have to admit that I skipped last year’s annual tune-up and I believe I’m about to regret that. Trouble is, the nearest sewing machine repair dude is 1.5 hours away. He makes the rounds to local stores for pick-ups and deliveries, but I’m pretty sure that I’m at least 2 weeks away from having my machine back — plus I’ve been down for a week already. My hands are a little shaky. I’m in need of my sewing fix.

To fill the time in the early morning hours when I can’t sleep, I’ve been sitting at my computer searching for the magic crocheting or knitting YouTube video that will finally teach me how to use my hooks and needles. I also have a couple of quilts that I need to cut out so that when I’m mechanized again, I can whip out those projects in an afternoon or two.

Then yesterday I remembered a quilt kit I purchased a while back. It’s called Bertie’s Year and its a monthly series of blocks featuring a sweet little birdie who likes to dress up. (Can you see the beginning of a tiny little bee?) The flannel feels good in my hands. It satisfies my cravings for hand work, but I need to drop all the judgments about proper stitch length and enjoy the process — this is rustic piece, don’t you think?  If I can get all of the applique cut out and applied for each month’s block, it should be easy to add the finish work once my machine is back at hand. <I’m dreaming of a new machine — don’t get me started!>


3 thoughts on “I’m having a little panic attack

  1. Meg says:

    The quilt ooks very cute. I sympathise with you re sewing machine service. My repair shop is 1.5 minutes away. I just love that I can get down there anytime.

  2. Gray Barn Designs says:

    I am so glad Bertie has seen the light of day! These blocks are just too cute and I know you will add the personal touches to make them even cuter! My sewing machine service is 15 minutes away…how spoiled I am! Meg, if it were only 1.5 minutes away, even better!

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