Return to 36 Charm Street

Last year, one of my first pattern designs was a baby quilt called “36 Charm Street”.  I wrote a blog about it and you can read more about my design process here.


This is a very simple quilt design and is just the right size for a baby quilt (approximately 37 x 37 inches).  It’s a good quilt for beginners to try but it’s also a fast and easy design for  more experienced quilters.

We often think about simplifying our lives in one way or another and this can also apply to quilt making.  I think beautiful quilts can be made from simple designs using the right fabrics, colors, textures and quilting patterns.


My quilter, Ms. KB used a bead and wave pattern that really showcased this simple design.

If you like this pattern, here is the link to download it:   36-charm-street-feb-2017

We’ve also posted it on the tab marked “Free Patterns” here on our site.  Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Return to 36 Charm Street

  1. tierneycreates says:

    I want to get in my car (or ride my bike) to Charm Street! That is adorable and I like the idea of just enjoying a simple quilt. This would be a good way to deal with my ridiculous stash of charm packs (darn Moda for making all those cute charm packs!)


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