Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?!

Norma, my Bearded Collie and sewing buddy, is not suppose to be on the couch.  Righttttttt!  I walked into my sewing room and there she was snoozing away!


What to do?  I had no choice but to smile lovingly and take pictures while she was  innocently sleeping.  She sure looked comfy!  Most of the time she is on the floor, right by my side while I sew.  She likes the same music and books on CD that I do–imagine that!


After a few snaps, I think she was on to me–notice she appeared to be sleeping with one eye open!  Hah!  Gotcha!  Totally busted on the couch–but she was too cute to banish!


Sandy has Bootsie the wonder cat for company while sewing.  See her post “The Saga of Boots” from September 28, 2016 and “Snuggling Down” from December 29, 2016.

Do you have a special pet to keep you company?

4 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?!

  1. tierneycreates says:

    If the word “cozy” (or “cosy” for UK readers, etc.) had the perfect image – that would be it – Norma snoozing on quilts! She definitely looks too cute to ask to move!

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