Tips Needed: Thread & Fabric Painting

Cindy reporting in today.

At the most recent quilt show, sponsored by my guild, there were several quilts on display that used thread and fabric painting techniques.  These quilts captured my attention because of their beauty but also because I am intrigued by the process of making art quilts with thread and painted fabric.

The center of these flowers were “fuzzy and furry”.  This “fuzzy and furry technique”, for lack of a better term, added another dimension to the flowers…very life like!


The photo below is striking but this quilt is even more beautiful in real life.  I think I stood in front of this for at least 15 minutes.  There is so much to see and so many techniques to study.  The shading of the sky, the log, the feathers, the grass…and even the dragonflies!


Here is a dragonfly up close and personal.


Look at all these fabrics working together…wow!


The Kingfisher  shown below is another quilt I studied for quite some time.


So…after seeing these lovely art quilts, I think one of my goals for 2019 is to begin my art quilt journey and attempt fabric and thread painting.

I would love to hear from you!

What’s the best way to get started?

Do you have any beginner tips to share?

More Quilt Inspiration

It’s Cindy and I’d like to share some more quilts from the recent quilt show my guild sponsored.

Aren’t these colors striking?  I love the pink and the lime green, they say “All Girl” to me!


The quilt below was a guild challenge.  Each member was given yardage of the green fabric in the outer border.  We were challenged to use blues and yellows from our stash to make one of several blocks for this quilt.  This was a fun project and I think it turned out very nice!


This quilt is bright and modern!


This flower garden trellis is one of my faves as I always gravitate toward floral fabrics.


The border on this African Jungle quilt looks three dimensional.  This quilt will make you smile!


The quilt below is another one that is even more beautiful in real life.  It’s very large and truly a work of art!


The quilting on this patriotic quilt was intricate and beautiful.  This quilt will be given to a United States Veteran.


Simple and charming.  This quilt will be given to a charity of the maker’s choice.


Well, this concludes my tour for today!

Do you belong to a guild or guilds?

What is your favorite thing about belonging to a guild?



Sugar in the Snow

While Cindy is out west making her best ski-bunny pose, I’m toiling away in my newly relocated sewing studio, dreaming of soft kitties, pink and kind hearts, green grass, and old and unmet lovers. Weird, right? It’s a Valentine’s Day thing. Let’s call it a phase — a pre-spring fever phase.

Ancient History

A couple of years ago, I was all about the red for Valentine’s day decorating. I wanted to banish the soft and frilly pink of young love. I couldn’t bear the sight of cotton candy pink fluff adorning my home. It caused me to make a trip to the local thrift store with some pink decorations that I banished. In retrospect, I must have been channeling Marie Kondo — that pink did not spark joy.

This purge caused me to auction off an early pattern design attempt at February decor: a Valentine’s Day themed table topper, pictured below, at a family reunion that year.

Valentine's Day pink table topper
Family reunion auction winner

So with all the pink removed from my horizon, I went to the red side for a Valentine’s color-way. I followed along with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company and, with charm pack to hand, created a blood red heart on a field of peach and minty greens to use in my entry hall.

Bright red heart table topper
Valentine Wall Hanging — Thanks Jenny Doan

Then a year or two ago I Turned a heart emoji into a message of enduring love. This e-heart mini quilt has adorned my office every February for the last two years (it’s also featured on FaveQuilts today) I still love it, but I cannot feel that passionate red any more.

valentine's day mini quilt
Passionate red — I’m not feeling it

Things are changing here in my neck of the woods and it calls for softness, a lighter touch, a blurring of the edges, and, frankly, a little wonkiness.

Improvisational piecing as therapy

With these thoughts drifting through my head, I stepped into my relocated sewing room and got to work, trying to lose all the ‘shoulds’, ‘whatifs’, and ‘whatwasIthinking’ thoughts that were chasing around in my mind.

Knowing that I needed to get the beautiful, but very bright red Winter Wonderland quilt off of my couch, I grabbed my trusty rectangular pillow form and got to work sewing together scrappy pink strips and bits and pieces of cream and cotton candy 1.5″ squares lying about. When I had a good shape, I added a little bit of hand sewing as a final touch.

Wonky but wonderful Sugar in the Snow pillow cover.
Winter wonderland, indeed.

I’ll be ready for February soon-ish.

Sadie’s Charm – A Free Quilt Pattern

Happy Monday!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio where it’s snowy and cold!

We are very lucky to have a Miniature Schnauzer named Sadie Sue.  She likes to snuggle under blankets and quilts in this cold weather.  I was working on this quilt design and she decided to come over and give me an hand…I mean paw!


Here she is again, giving me a look that says, “Hand over the quilt NOW and no one gets hurt!”


So…I decided to name this free quilt pattern after my sweet little Schnauzer…it’s officially called “Sadie’s Charm Quilt”.


My dear friend, MJ, gave me several partial charm square packages from different fabric lines.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with all these different colors and prints but then decided to just throw caution to the wind and sew them all together.

I used a burgundy inner border to pick up on all the burgundies in the charm squares.  I decided to use a small floral print for the outer border to tie in the dark colors in the charm squares and the various shades of orange, blue, burgundy and green.  I will be binding this in burgundy after it’s quilted.

You can download this free pattern by clicking on this link:

Sadies Charm 01 20 19

Sandy and I will also be posting this pattern to the FaveQuilts website.  Take a look at all the free quilt patterns on this site.  Each week, you will find new quilting inspiration whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter.  Another great option is to sign up for their FREE newsletter.  Click HERE to subscribe to free quilt patterns that are delivered to your email inbox.

Send us your photos of your own “Sadie’s Charm Quilt”!  We would love to see them!