FREEE Paper Pieced Christmas Blocks

Hello!  It’s Cindy bragging about Sandy designing the cutest paper pieced Christmas block patterns.  2 trees black backgroundSince Sandy designed 4 very adorable blocks, we’re hosting a PAPER PIECING SEW ALONG.  You can make a Christmas banner, a table runner or a mini wall hanging.  We think either one is guaranteed to make your 2020 holidays brighter!

The first block is a rustic evergreen tree.  For printing these patterns, we suggest using thin copy paper or a special paper made for paper piecing from your favorite quilting store.

Since I am a novice at paper piecing, I used colored pencils to color code the rustic tree block pattern.  This helped me to keep track of the fabrics I was using for each section.  Who said you have to color within the lines?  Not me! Colored pencils tip Here’s a close up of my first tree.  I had fun picking out these fabrics!     Green treeDo you need a paper piecing tutorial?  Here’s a link to a great tutorial by Crafty Gemini.  Sandy and I both learned our paper piecing skills from Vanessa.

The link to the Day 1 FREE BLOCK PATTERN of our Rustic Christmas sew along is below:

Rustic Christmas Sew Along Day 1

Have fun!2 trees black background



Postage Stamp Finale

While Cindy has been holding down the blog fort, I’ve been staycationing and wallowing in my “world is out of control” funk. No more. I’ve got to shake these blues and maybe the best way to do this is to bring out the reds — you know which ones — the postage stamp reds!

As you may recall, in November 2019, I started creating a red postage stamp quilt. The pattern intrigued me from the beginning of my quilt journey when I was inspired by a quilt created by Red Pepper Quilts. Rita Hodge’s quilt was full of bright, happy colors. She created it by cutting strips that she sewed together and then cut apart in the 1.5″ square size.

But I am obsessed with saving every scrap of fabric I can and I’ve made a habit out of cutting 1.5″ squares whenever I have bits of fabric left over. So in November, I looked at a big baggie of red postage stamps and thought ‘maybe it’s time’ to start my postage stamp opus. I made this decision without doing the math — but I quickly learned that my baggie of squares was pitifully inadequate. I finished about 2 rows and then I ran out of reds. I cut some more and ran out of those. Then I bought some more red fabric and I needed still more stamps. That’s when I set up the quilting “bat signal”.

And my crew came through! Wendy at PiecefulThoughts sent squares, Tierney from TierneyCreates raided her stash. Sister Cindy sent some squares from Ohio. Roseanne and Sue from Homesewnbyus set fabric too. Then Mary from QuiltingisinmyBlood sent a most generous donation of squares. Oh my.

My Valentine’s Day finish goal fell by the wayside. Then I sewed some more and cut some more stamps, and I got sick, sick, sick of the color red and I sewed and cut some more. Covid descended on us, but we stayed safe and I received one final donation from Cindy and now, tada, it’s done.

Cindy did another big favor for me by taking over the task of selecting a 2-border finish motif. She even attached them and mitered the corners. Ms. G, my long-arming friend finished the job and I finally added the binding that Cindy so generously supplied.

My ‘takes a village’ quilt is finally completed. Thank you to all of my quilting friends, Mary, Wendy, Roseanne and Sue, and of course, Cindy for helping me finish my quilt. I am so happy with this quilt and I can’t wait until the fall so I can actually use it on my bed.

Here is the final math count for the queen size quilt:

  • Each 4×4 block required 16 postage stamps.
  • Each row required 15 blocks.
  • There are 19 rows
  • Total count of postage stamps: 4,560
  • There is a 1″ white inside border
  • Cindy add a 6″ red outer border

In a Bunny Baby Bind

Hello!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio and I am in a Bunny Baby Bind!

I am surely experiencing creative block because I’ve been ripping out seams for the new baby quilt I’m working on.  I love this cute little bunny princess but she is turning into a bunny diva! bunny rip outThe pile of scraps below is the result of my fussy cutting endeavor.  ScrapsI’ve got several piles of coordinating 4 patch strips that will somehow fit into this quilt design.  PatchesI think I’ll step away for a few days and switch to a new project.

What do you do when creative block strikes?

Seeing Red

Hello there!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

I am very jealous because Sandy is seeing red, as in strawberry picking red!  Take a look at these luscious strawberries she picked!  Now I am craving strawberry shortcake AND fresh strawberry pie.  Whipped cream anyone?  Of course!  berries 3

Since I’m not picking strawberries, I’ve been working on a baby quilt project for a family friend.  I found this cute bunny fabric and couldn’t resist buying the rest of the bolt!  I am playing around with colors and patchwork designs.  You’ll be seeing more of this project in a future post.bunnyHere’s another strawberry photo.  I hope you enjoy seeing red as much as Sandy does!  berries 2