Lucky Me!

Good morning! It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

I feel so lucky to have inherited a sewing basket from my husband’s grandmother. She was affectionately known as “Granny” to everyone.

Granny loved to paper piece and she made many beautiful hexagon quilts over the years. I decided to store my hexagon quilt supplies in her basket as a tribute to her and to the world of paper piecing.

Inside the basket there is a clear plastic tray that works great for sorting fabrics; before, during and after the hexagon making process.

The basket is deep enough to hold my entire stash of 30’s prints, finished blocks and well…anything associated with my paper piecing project!

This will be my “grab and go” quilt project basket. It will keep me company while watching TV, sitting on the front porch swing, traveling in the car and who knows where else? Lucky me, I get to continue Granny’s quilting legacy and preserve a piece of family history!

Waiting on the Snow

Is the last blast of winter upon us?

As I see the stunning social media pictures from my old friends in Austin, Texas, it does not seem possible that spring will break out any minute, but that is, in fact, the case. Here in New York, the pattern in recent winters is to have one last big storm at the end of January-ish, and then the warm days start to shine. I’m praying that when the winter storm currently frosting Austin arrives on our doorstep sometime this evening, it will be the last of its ilk for 2021. I hope so. I’m over it for the year.

Actually, there are a lot of things I’m pretty sick of already in 2021 — I am in need of an attitude adjustment transplant. This woman needs a change of scenery.

Enough of weather and tantrums. What about sewing?

Well, I’m plotting my next move. My current ponderings:

  • I’ve been pinning a lot of color wash quilt design idea on Pinterest. I’m intrigued. I even pulled some 2.5″ squares from my pre-cut stash. But I don’t think I have enough colors to make a big quilt. Maybe a wall-hanging would be a good place to start?
  • I promised one of my besties that I’d make her quilt, but I’m still considering colors and designs. I feel certain that inspiration is coming soon.
  • Hand stitching in my new cozy den is a great way to spend snowy winter evenings. I’ve got a lot more of Bertie’s Year flannel applique months to manifest. I’ve finished the stitching on July, June and March. April is sitting on my cutting board right now.
  • As you know, in times of anguish, I start cutting or sewing 1.5″ squares into 4×4 blocks. I’m exploring my blue stash at the moment. I do not have a plan for these blocks, but maybe a blue and white sawtooth star quilt is in my future?
Bertie’s Year — April almost ready to stitch.
I’m thinking about a color wash quilt, but I need lots more 2.5 inch squares.
The road to the farm on a rare bright blue morning.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

There’s still time to make a few quick Valentine’s Day gifts…like these awesome earbud cases. There’s even time to drop them in the mail for a timely Valentine’s Day arrival.

Necessity may be the mother of invention but I have concluded that necessity is the mother of YouTube searches!

I found this cute, free earbud case pattern on the Ann Arbor Sewing Center website along with a very helpful video tutorial.

The pattern calls for using an old CD as a template for sewing the circle. The swivel hook works great for attaching the case to the inside or outside of a purse or backpack.

I’m in the process of making a few more gifts from the scraps I have on hand.

Sandy, be sure to check your mailbox!

All hail the end of January!

Happy Monday! It’s Sandy logging in from the farm….

Hurray, hurray, the change of season has officially begun: welcome to the months that create the “anticipation of spring”. My childhood friend –who also taught me how to quilt– gave me this name for the time leading up to “real spring”. (I have missed her greatly during this time of Covid. The last time I saw her was in July when we had a socially distanced happy hour at her lovely home.)

I have never asked my friend for the exact dates of the season now known, thanks to her, as the “anticipation of spring”. But today I am hereby proclaiming this official season to run from February 1 – April 1 in honor of my Kindergarten-12 chum, Donny Osmond loving competition, my excellent (and patient!) quilting instructor, and my home d├ęcor & landscaping idol! So it shall be.

The dark days of January will fade into memory just a few minutes more each day. I know that there will be snowstorms and drifts to deal with all through February and March and April too, but in my soul, I know that the cold weather won’t last. And that knowledge makes my steps a little bit lighter.

When my son was small we used “the anticipation of spring” season (before we had an official name for it) to design and plan a Spring cake. We made a specially decorated cake to create and eat on the first day of Spring. Although he is in college now, I feel so hopeful today, that I do believe I’ll start planning a surprise spring cake for him to keep the tradition alive. (Alas, as a complicating factor, he has become a vegan…a bit challenging for the baker in me. Does anyone have a great vegan cake recipe to share?)

I realized that I neglected to share the finished Canada quilts for the granddaughters of my dear friend. They finally arrived at their destination a few days after Christmas. I took the quilts to the farm for a few pictures before mailing. These were created using a modified version of Cindy’s Garden Gate Charm quilt (the most popular pattern on our blog). I adore these happy, bright colors! The fabric inspiration is Fiddle Dee Dee by My Sister and Me, supplemented with my scrap squares.scraps from my stash.

The airing of the quilts on the clothesline.
The blue and teal quilt (front) for Elia Rose. The purple and pink quilt (back) for Pearline.

Here’s hoping that you have a happy anticipation of spring season!