It’s On

I’m here to report that Cindy is on vacation again. I’m not bitter. Really. Well sorta. Maybe kinda. Almost definitely.

To compound the bitterness, she started texting me pictures like this:

Mt. Rainer – meh.

So I fired back with this:

Top of the hill above the Gray Barn — spiritual

Then she texted a picture of a delicious fresh fig….

Juicy, to be sure, but you can’t eat the whole thing.

So I let her know that there was no way she was going to one-up me!

Fig Newtons — 100% edible and I didn’t have to fly across the country to get them!

I haven’t heard back from her since. I think she knows that I’m the winner.

In quilting news, I’ve finished my fall pillow covers and am considering a fall decorating fest for tomorrow night.

P.S. Enjoy your 3rd or 4th vacation of the year, Cindy. Really.

September is Here!

Cindy reporting in from Ohio!  I know it’s not officially fall BUT since it’s September 2, it sure seems like the summer is over…pools are closing, schools are in session and it’s on to fall themes!

I changed out my patriotic wreath for something more fall-ish.
Fall WreathMy marigolds are doing great AND they bring lots of fall cheer.  This is one of my favorites…LOVE the orange and yellow!
Marigold StudyWhen I was up at the farm last week, I promised mom I would make a few appliance covers for her.  I wanted to quilt them to give them stability and shape.  I decided to use up some of my batting scraps…believe me, I have plenty!  I zig zag stitched several pieces together and cut them according to the sizes I needed.
Zig Zag BattingBelow are the finished projects!  1 toaster cover and 1 mixer cover are in the mail and on the way to mom!
Mom Appliance CoversI hope your fall is off to a great start!  Mine is!
Fuchsia Zinnia



Art Quilt Exhibit

My dear friend (DF), MJ, invited me to a local Art Quilt Exhibit and I jumped at the chance because I haven’t seen her in FOREVER!

We attended “Cypress Bark and Sandstone, Studies in Burnt Orange” that displayed art quilts created by Frauke Palmer, a local Columbus artist.  Her designs are inspired by hikes through the American Southwest and she uses photographs from her experiences to make these incredibly beautiful quilts.

Bryce Canyon, one of my favorite places on Earth, was featured in the quilt below.  I was transported to Bryce Canyon in an instant.
Bryce CanyonAnother favorite of mine was “Breakers”.
WaterHere is a close up of the red so you can see all the French Knots that added texture to this piece.
Wave Close up with redBelow is “Desert Rose”.  I didn’t crop out the floor to give you a sense of scale.  This was a large piece and quite beautiful.
Desert RoseThe colors and textures in the piece below were so interesting!  The little rocks on the bottom were held in place by macramé and were different in size and composition.  My son, a Geologist, would have identified them in flash, but they were just “little rocks” to me!
Dangling Wall HangingThe quilt below definitely highlighted the beauty of tree bark.
Bark AsianAnother highlight of our visit was Dart…the official mascot for the Dublin Arts Council.  He is 14 years old and likes to be petted…a lot!  Hmmm, how might I know this?!
Dart 2What a great day to explore such a beautiful exhibit.  Thanks, MJ!


It’s Quiet Here, Except for the Sewing

The kid is gone — off to college– and on to new adventures. Last Tuesday was a rough day, but we’re all past it and settling into the new normal. I made sure to make the bed in the dorm room before I left so that his graduation gift had center stage — at least for a few hours. I’m pretty sure that he’s not using it because it’s hotter than “the hot place” in those ivy-covered brick buildings with no air conditioning available!

All packed and ready to go.

My sewing room has once again become my refuge. It’s cool and quiet here and my fabric stash keeps me company and it stimulates my mind. I’ve been playing with tiny blocks of coral.

1.5″ coral blocks from my personal pre-cuts.

Cindy came to spend a long weekend and she’s been helping at the farm. We started Saturday with an early morning estate sale. I snagged an old Irish Chain quilt in plain muslin and blue. I love it. However, it was pretty well- loved before I stumbled across it.

I’d like to try to salvage what I can. I love this color combination. It cost me a whopping $5. The edges are very rough and the thin muslin in breaking down in many places. What would you do with it? Maybe I can make some pillows?

The big cream centers are large blocks, hand-quilted to resemble small patches — clever!

After the estate sale, we headed back to the farm to can tomatoes and make a small batch of salsa. It took Cindy, Mom and I about 2 hours to prepare 3 bushels of tomatoes.

Cindy and mom worked through the evening hours to process the filled jars. These tomatoes will taste so good in the winter: chili, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, and vegetable soup dishes galore. I’m not sure that canning is cheaper than buying them from the store, but the taste is very special. They are definitely worth the work. Plus it’s a tradition.

Every year I try to persuade my mother to remove the seeds, but she insists that they add flavor. Apologies to my Italian granny friends!

Fall is certainly sneaking up on us.