Snowy Panel

Hi! Cindy here…reporting in from Ohio.

It’s snowing outside (brrr!) and it’s snowing inside too! I recently bought this David Textiles digitally printed snowman panel. I like the blue/grays and the red accent colors. Plus, this guy is so cheerful.

I added a 2 inch inner border, a larger outer border and a soft flannel backing in a snowflake print…totally easy straight seam sewing. Next, it’s off to Ms. SJ for quilting.

I hope I get it back in time for Christmas. If not, I know I will be snuggling with this quilt well into 2021.

Little by Little

Here’s what it looks like at the farm on this blustery, gray, cold morning. The bit of blue makes it beautiful.

Farmhouse from afar

So…with a month and two days of time between now and Christmas Day, it seems that every little moment counts if I’m going to reach my quilt project goals.

Cindy helped me finish my string quilt top, while Ms. G. quilted it. The binding has been attached, the giant gift bag has been purchased and now only two tasks remain: afix the label (created by Cindy) and wait for the giftee to be sprung from her kindly by none-the-less prison-like nursing home. We’re relieved to know that a suitable apartment has been found for my mothers’ friend and she will be moving in to the new place on or about December 1. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of her new bed quilt.

I’ve attached almost all of the borders for 1 of 2 Canada quilts. I have two more wide borders to complete and it will be ready for Ms. G. and her magic long-arm. This is the teal/navy version for the older of the two girls.

Queen-sized version of Cindy’s Garden Gate Pattern

I am super happy about how it is coming together! My only concern: I’m about to run out of thread! Seriously, I’m going to buy a truckload of this stuff, because I can’t make it through the last months of quarantine without it! It has been a lifeline.

Love this thread!

I’m hanging out at the farm for a few days so I can help mom isolate before we get our small family together for Thanksgiving dinner. It is certainly not the holiday we hoped for, but everyone is safe for now and that is all we can wish for during this trying episode.

I am offering thanks for all the scientists and health care workers who are giving their lives to save ours. Let’s all stay inside and sew so we can help save the world! Happy Thanksgiving week!

Christmas Panel

I was cleaning out a fabric bin and found this Christmas Tree panel at the very bottom. I sent if off to my quilter, Ms. SJ, and she quilted it with a “Wind Swirl” pattern. LOVE!

I like the combination of pine and holly with a splash of peppermint stripes.

Sandy “gifted” the binding and backing to me and it matched perfectly with the panel…thanks, Sandy!

Turkey and Decorations

Thanksgiving as a decorating holiday gets short shrift, don’t you think? This year, the turkey d├ęcor is viable for a mere 26.5 days, because in my house, the Christmas tree goes up before the leftovers have cooled.

So, I’m going to enjoy this little table top gem every moment I can. If you want to make one for yourself, here’s the pattern.

Garret X. Gobble circa 2018