The Mailbox Shall Provide

The USPS is an amazing perk of living in the US. They provide service every day to nearly every residence (and business) in the country. For those of us who live in the rural America, the mail truck is often the highlight of the day. So last week Cindy and the USPS teamed up to make my day.

A white/red/blue box showed up from Ohio. It was covered with Cindy’s handwriting and it was stuffed with goodies. The bordered top of the postage stamp quilt was there, along with some thread, a stack of great magazines filled with inspiration, and a few more 1.5″ squares in all colors to add to my collection. Christmas in June!

Love this thread!
A stack of portable inspiration

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the red postage stamp quilt top before I dropped it off for quilting??? Argh…. Well, the box was lovely, Cindy did an amazing job of adding the borders. And now I am (im)patiently waiting for Ms. G to finish quilting it for me. I keep refreshing my phone to see if she’s texting me. I’m sure she has a life and has many other quilts in front of mine….sigh……

Meanwhile, I’ve challenged myself to start a new project outside of my comfort zone. I started to work on a low volume/pastel scrappy Irish chain project. I’m using 2-inch squares and I’m trying to find low volume prints. Ack — I’m not loving it right now — maybe another set up finished blocks will help me see the beauty….

Stalking the Mail Box

We know that quilting probably won’t save the world, but we hope that some distraction during this difficult time brings you a few minutes of respite.

Cindy is a life-long over achieving, perfection-seeking, bar-raising human being. I gave her a little border fabric and a sweaty, slightly tortured quilt top and she has turned it into a 2-bordered, mitred-cornered (not to mention straight) masterpiece. She says it’s in the mail and on it’s way to NY. Yippee!

Meanwhile, while I wait and as I type this, our mother is in the next room ironing the backing in preparation for its arrival. My huge, crowd-sourced postage stamp quilt will be at Ms. G’s for quilting by mid-week. I am so excited!

Now let’s focus for a minute on something that’s not red: buttercups are in bloom on the farm.

Happy yellow late spring beauties.

Stay safe and well, quilting buds.

On the Border

Sandy asked me to give her a hand with the border of her Postage Stamp Quilt.  Of course I jumped at the chance because she did all the hard work and I get to do the easy part!ScrapsFirst things first.  I squared off the quilt because all those postage stamps made this top a little, shall we say, UNEVEN.  Proof of my effort was this lovely pile of tangled redness.  Scraps2 Next, I went on a fabric hunt.  The ladies at the quilt shop suggested adding a thin, white inner border before adding the red outer version I cut the white border at 2 inches and the red border at 6 inches but I think the white border is too wide next to the postage stamps.  I’ll need to do a bit of un-sewing to re-cut the white border to 1.0-1.5 inches.

Sandy, I’ll be keeping your quilt top for a bit longer but I promise to send it your way soon!



Charming Bet

Hello!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.  I’ve been doing some sewing for two of my son’s friends.  They are expecting babies soon and it’s always fun to piece together baby quilts.

One of my “Go To” books for baby quilts is shown below.  With a charm pack and just a bit of yardage, baby quilts come together very quickly. Baby Book 1 Since I didn’t have any baby charm packs on hand, I raided my stash and pulled out some bright scraps for a baby boy.  A large piece of left over  black and white polka dot flannel was the perfect backing.Baby 3Of course I had to add some Ohio State Buckeye fabric, just to be sure this little one learns about his Buckeye roots early in life!  Brutus Buckeye, the Ohio State mascot, is peaking just above the seam.Close up 1Here’s the full view of a very fast and fun project!Baby Full Pic Baby girl quilt to follow on Thursday!  Both couples want to be surprised and I’m hedging my bets, hoping for one boy and one girl.  Wish me luck on this bet!