Challenge Revisited

Good morning, it’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio!

In our January 17, 2019 post, I mentioned participating in a Customer Challenge Contest hosted by one of my favorite quilt shops, Red Rooster Quilts

The challenge was to use one fat quarter of Living Coral (the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year) and one other fabric to make a Mini Quilt that is 20 inches square or less.

Thanks to all our readers for helping us pick a coordinating fabric!  Based on your feedback, we chose this cute floral print to coordinate with Living Coral:

Using the wonders of modern technology, I would text pictures to Sandy about various designs and she would offer ideas and suggestions in real time.  This design didn’t make the cut!

IMG_0788 cropped

Here’s the final version we submitted for the challenge:

IMG_0880 Angle View

There were about 35 mini quilts submitted for the contest.  Although our submission didn’t win, we had a lot of fun working together…across the miles… on the challenge!

Cute Mini Pillows…Complete!

Last Thursday, I mentioned I was going to work on a small project to get back into the quilting groove.  Drum roll…I just completed two very cute mini pillows!

Thanks for all your suggestions on fabric choices!  Based on your feedback, I decided to use both the blue fabric and the red fabric for each pillow.  After sewing, quilting and trimming, each mini pillow front measured 6 inches wide x 7 inches tall.
IMG_0320 (2)

I was feeling off the charts creative and decided to dig through my box of trims…surely there were scraps of something for a little bit of bling…yes, I was right!


A little fur trim on the bottom and a pompom hanger make each of these mini pillows a super cute, patriotic gift for someone special!

IMG_0314 (2)

If you have a small, left over block from another project or a small cross stitch project,  why not make a mini pillow of your own?  These make great door knob hangers for special occasions or just for every day smiles!


A New Start

A big thank you to our dear friend, Kathie, who guest hosted our blog while we stepped away for awhile.  Sandy and I appreciate all your kind thoughts and words of encouragement as we begin a new life without our father.

I decided yesterday was a good day to ease back into sewing and started working on a small project.  As always, Norma, our Bearded Collie, was right by my side offering encouragement and comfort!  She just got her spring haircut and her fur is very soft.    Sadie Sue, our Mini Schnauzer, was napping and enjoying some quiet time alone.


A few months ago, my very dear friend, MJ, gave me two completed cross stitch projects while she was de-stashing.  Aren’t these the cutest??  AND they are the perfect size for quilted mini pillows…a good small project that shouldn’t take too long!


Here is a close up of the donkey…I like the flag draped over its back.


Here is a close up of the elephant, its tusk is a creamy white.


I am thinking about using the blue background for the donkey and red for the elephant…or maybe a combo of red and blue for each.  What do you think?

Today’s Guest Author

Good morning!  My name is Kathie and I am a close friend of Cindy and Sandy’s family.

As today’s guest author, I wanted to share with their online community that Cindy and Sandy recently lost their father.

On March 14, their dad took his last walk to the barn for which this blog is named and the logo designed.  He was a life long farmer who took his responsibilities to his family, his animals and his land very seriously.

He instilled in each of his daughters a strong work ethic, so I am sure Cindy and Sandy will be sharing their quilting adventures again as soon as they feel able. May their dad find the peace and rest that often eludes a dairy farmer (and father of four girls).


His favorite tractor