Log Cabin – Plan in Progress

Good Thursday morning from Ohio!  A dear friend (DF) gave me two jelly rolls for Christmas…here are some of the fabrics:Jelly Roll Close upI’ve never made a Log Cabin quilt and I think these fabrics would be perfect…especially with the red for the block center.  Oh no…did I say “red”???  Sandy is going to find out I have some red fabric that I didn’t share for the red and white quilt she’s making…shhhhhh, don’t tell her!  FireworksWon’t this metallic red and gold brighten up the blocks?  For my Log Cabin quilt, that is!  Sandy, I promise to send you my red left overs…I know I’ll have some!

Do you have a favorite Log Cabin quilt pattern?  Let me know, I’m still in the Log Cabin planning stage!

Just What the Dr. Ordered!

Cindy reporting in from Ohio today.  I’ve been on an after Christmas cleaning marathon…sewing room included.  Look what I found hidden under a mix of brightly colored scraps!Dr Seuss Pillow

Several years ago, I made a baby quilt for a friend using this very cute Dr. Seuss fabric.  I decided to make a pillow with some of the left over fabrics…but I surely got distracted and forgot all about it.Close upSince I’m in a pillow making phase, I think I’ll finish up this pillow and give it to my niece who has two small children.  Then again, maybe I’ll keep it for myself because these characters and colors make me smile!  Honestly, who can resist a Fox in Socks?!Fox in SoxSmiling…I think it’s the Dr. Seuss order of the day!


Done by Valentine’s Day?

I’ve completed a page-long list of goals for the new year, and my little postage stamp project has risen to the top of the priorities list. I spent a few hours yesterday watching football and The Holiday (a personal holiday movie favorite) — and I finished about 20 blocks. I have 51 in the current pile of “done”.

Block strips awaiting assembly
Pile of finished blocks
Taunting little red squares — including lovely donations from my quilting peeps.

As I was sewing, I realized that I failed to include the number of blocks needed in my original math calculations. After a little more math this morning, the answer is 285. So… I have about 3 1/2 rows complete. Whew! If I can assemble all of the strips pictured above later today, I will have 77 blocks finished and about 5 of 19 rows completed — that’s about 20 percent completed — feel free to check my math!

Valentine’s Day goal — no problem!

And it’s official (airfare and hotel set), I’m traveling to London for a work January 17-25. Besides Liberty of London (I have my eye on this fabric), do you have a suggestion about where to go for dinner, shopping, or off-the-beaten-path sight-seeing? It’s been a long time since I traveled internationally for work, I’m a bit nervous….

Pass the Vitamin C

With a title like this, I wish I were being clever and writing some kind of lively blog post about how the Christmas holiday is an energizing shot in the arm, a boost of brightness in an otherwise dark and dreary North American winter, blah, blah, blah. Instead I’m here to whine about a cold.

Seriously, I haven’t had a cold in about 10 years. Because at the first sign of a sniffle or a tickle of a sore throat, I start popping over-the-counter probiotics like they are peanuts at the ballpark. If you’ve been in my vicinity over these last 10 years, I have surely lectured you about my magical cure and I have tsked tsked anyone who did not listen and therefore developed a severe cold because of wanton disregard of my “medical” advice.

Well this time, no amount of probiotics or vitamin C or ginger tea or hot toddies or straight-up whisky shots — don’t judge, I was desperate- was going to slow this cold down.

While Cindy was safely in Ohio, outside of the cone of infection, I struggled through the festivities, high on fresh oranges and pineapple and Vic’s VapoRub.

How sick was I, you ask? So sick that I didn’t cut a single square of red fabric, nor did I sew a pair of red 1.5″ squares together — that is until this evening. After 5 days of sniffles and lethargy, interspersed with whining and a side of fever, I finally felt well enough to cut a few more squares and to begin the daunting task of sewing together 3.5K squares together for my postage stamp quilt.

There is so much red goodness to behold!

There’s only one magical cure of quilting fever: I must put my foot to the pedal, with no thought of germ infested airplanes or fellow gym members who don’t stay home when they are sick. I’m sewing away, but don’t worry, I’m saving my curative evening hot toddy for after I finish sewing for the night.