Snowflake Happiness

Good morning! It’s Cindy reporting in today. I’ve been working on my Eskimo Snow quilt and thought I would update you on my progress.

This panel came from the Quilted Raven Alaska shop in Anchorage and was designed by Barbara Lavallee. Here’s the link so you can have a look at some of her panels and coordinating fabrics…they are so cute!

I’m in the process of making snowflake blocks that coordinate with the colors in the panel. While this quilt is still in the design process, I think I will need at least 18 snowflake blocks that are made from 1.25 inch squares…I’m almost there!

In order to keep myself on the straight and narrow with my ruler and rotary cutter, I’m using Thangles. Here’s the link to the Thangles website for more information and some beautiful quilt patterns:

I’ll sign off for now, get back to making my happy snowflakes and watch the magic of spring unfold!

Stopping by woods on a snowy morning

While most of my family, including Cindy, was basking in the Florida sunshine last weekend, I decided that it was high time I saw my quilting mentor. I haven’t seen her since July when we snuck in an outdoor happy hour at her lovely home not far from the farm. So I invited her to a socially-distanced tea at the “Y” at the top of the hill by the farm on Saturday morning.

We planned to sit in our cars and chat, but I wanted to make it a little more special, so I made a pitcher of Lady Grey tea, packed some quilts and some chairs, and a tea table and headed for the hill. The sun was shining and the wind was still, so the setting was beautiful and calm, if a little cold.

What a wonderful hour and half we had! I was so happy to spend time with her.

The view from the top of the hill.
We have been friends since kindergarten!

A group of snowmobilers drove by while we were enjoying the fresh air. They turned around and came back and asked to take our picture. If they think we were crazy, that’s exactly how I think about snowmobilers! LOL!

Later on Saturday, I went home to warm up and sew, where I made a giant, project-destroying error. Not to worry, a seam ripper and a rotary cutter will turn that fabric into scraps someday–after I finish crying. If you are looking for me this weekend, you’ll find me at Material Rewards where I’ll be starting over. It happens to everyone, right?

I’ll leave you with a little burst of spring.

You never know what you will find at Costco! Loving these tulips!

Lucky Me!

Good morning! It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

I feel so lucky to have inherited a sewing basket from my husband’s grandmother. She was affectionately known as “Granny” to everyone.

Granny loved to paper piece and she made many beautiful hexagon quilts over the years. I decided to store my hexagon quilt supplies in her basket as a tribute to her and to the world of paper piecing.

Inside the basket there is a clear plastic tray that works great for sorting fabrics; before, during and after the hexagon making process.

The basket is deep enough to hold my entire stash of 30’s prints, finished blocks and well…anything associated with my paper piecing project!

This will be my “grab and go” quilt project basket. It will keep me company while watching TV, sitting on the front porch swing, traveling in the car and who knows where else? Lucky me, I get to continue Granny’s quilting legacy and preserve a piece of family history!

Waiting on the Snow

Is the last blast of winter upon us?

As I see the stunning social media pictures from my old friends in Austin, Texas, it does not seem possible that spring will break out any minute, but that is, in fact, the case. Here in New York, the pattern in recent winters is to have one last big storm at the end of January-ish, and then the warm days start to shine. I’m praying that when the winter storm currently frosting Austin arrives on our doorstep sometime this evening, it will be the last of its ilk for 2021. I hope so. I’m over it for the year.

Actually, there are a lot of things I’m pretty sick of already in 2021 — I am in need of an attitude adjustment transplant. This woman needs a change of scenery.

Enough of weather and tantrums. What about sewing?

Well, I’m plotting my next move. My current ponderings:

  • I’ve been pinning a lot of color wash quilt design idea on Pinterest. I’m intrigued. I even pulled some 2.5″ squares from my pre-cut stash. But I don’t think I have enough colors to make a big quilt. Maybe a wall-hanging would be a good place to start?
  • I promised one of my besties that I’d make her quilt, but I’m still considering colors and designs. I feel certain that inspiration is coming soon.
  • Hand stitching in my new cozy den is a great way to spend snowy winter evenings. I’ve got a lot more of Bertie’s Year flannel applique months to manifest. I’ve finished the stitching on July, June and March. April is sitting on my cutting board right now.
  • As you know, in times of anguish, I start cutting or sewing 1.5″ squares into 4×4 blocks. I’m exploring my blue stash at the moment. I do not have a plan for these blocks, but maybe a blue and white sawtooth star quilt is in my future?
Bertie’s Year — April almost ready to stitch.
I’m thinking about a color wash quilt, but I need lots more 2.5 inch squares.
The road to the farm on a rare bright blue morning.