One day project for someone you love!

Hurray — the amazing long-armer Ms. G. finished my e-heart wall hanging late last week. I added the scrappy binding (which I had cleverly made in advance) while I watched football on Sunday. I was sewing as fast as I could so I could get a picture outside. Just as I finished, a ray of sunshine pierced the dark clouds and I snapped this picture. Whew!



I am so happy with how this came out — it looks lovely on the quilt wall at work (I know, I know, that oak quilt holder needs a nice coat of black milk paint — it’s on my list of things to do).


Cindy says that every time Cindy sees this quilt, she thinks about Jerry Mcguire: “you complete me”! I thought about renaming it, but decided to stick with the E-heart quilt.

Link to the pattern here:  e-heart-pattern-jan-2017-gbd

Happy mid-January everyone!

7 thoughts on “One day project for someone you love!

  1. Meg says:

    Oh, ‘you complete me’ is a perfect name for this quilt. How clever! If I were you (and I know that you aren’t me, so do whatever you like) I would change the title of this quilt.
    PS I change my quilt titles when I think of a better one.

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  2. Gray Barn Designs says:

    I know that “you complete me” thing is totally corny but it just popped into my head! This quilt is so beautiful AND so fast and easy! Sandy has outdone herself once again! What a cute baby quilt for a new little addition to someone’s family!


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