Pillow Peopleness

It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio today because Sandy is busy counting (and sewing) 1.5 inch red squares!

I recently heard someone refer to people who like pillows as “Pillow People” and yes, I am guilty as charged!  Since I like pillows so much, I decided to share my Pillow Peopleness (did I just make up a new phrase?) with a dear friend (DF).Diana 2 pillowsDF and I found the fabric for these beauties while cleaning out her mother-in-law’s home.  DF told me to keep the fabric for myself BUT I decided this fabric could be turned into a great Christmas gift for DF.  Diana Pillow 2I quilted around some of the larger flowers to give each pillow a bit of texture.  I finished both pillows with an envelope back.      Diana Pillow 1DF LOVES her pillows.  I am now ready to convert others to Pillow Peoplesness…stay tuned for more Pillow People adventures!

Now I’m blushing

An absolutely gorgeous flood of red 1.5″ squares is arriving at my home each day, as I try to grapple with needing over 3000 of those little suckers for my red postage stamp quilt.

While I was in Austin for work, Cindy’s baggie of goodies arrived (wait! maybe I shouldn’t say “bag of goodies” and “Austin” in the same sentence???) Oh, well. It was, indeed, a baggie and it was, indeed, filled with goodies of the fabric kind.

Cindy’s red square offering.

Then, this afternoon another baggie arrived from Minnesota courtesy of Pieceful Wendy Do you think that the number of 1.5″ squares in each bag is a measure of how much the gifters love me? Yeah, me neither, but Wendy, just between you and me, I know who loves me the most 😉

I’m talking hundreds of squares from Wendy —
and they are all the same size (I cannot say that about my own cutting skills!)

Tonight I received a message from UPS that some more scraps are headed my way from the Rocky Mountains and the home studio of Tierney Creates.

Then Roseanne from Homesewn By Us blogged about my project and she’s sending squares too.

I’m overwhelmed and I cannot wait to see how quickly I can get all these pieces sewn together. Thank you, thank you everyone!

P.S. I found out today that I’ll be traveling to London in January for work. I’m googling fabric shops in London right now….

Big Sister to the Rescue!

Good morning from Ohio!  I’ve been busy doing a bit of baking and while chomping on a “few” cookies, I decided to heed Sandy’s call for help.

Cookie Close UpSince she needs a “ton” (I can’t even say the number because it boggles my mind) of 1.5 inch red squares, I got busy cutting up some of my red stash.  Here’s the pile:Close up mini squaresHere’s the pile in a plastic zip lock…almost ready for mailing.  Sandy, they should arrive on Monday!Baggie to goA thought for your day…found in a consignment shop!  Good Day Close Up