Vintage Treasure #2 – Pattern Instructions

Good morning!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio today.  Hey Sandy, give me a call when you have a few minutes and I’ll fill you in on our fun trip!

In our “Vintage Treasure #2” post on May 9, 2019, we shared a photo of a quilt we are finishing for a family friend.

Triangles in a row

Vintage Treasure #2


One item on our “to do” list was to draft a pattern of this quilt to share with everyone.

Last week I received the August 2019 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine in the mail and a similar quilt is one of the featured patterns…it’s call “Tied & True”.

Quilt collector Jody Sanders provides all the “how to’s” for making a vintage triangle quilt,  including instructions for hand-tie quilting.  Jody adds an even more authentic flare by using a wide border that also serves as a binding.

Jody’s instructions call for cutting out 1,984 triangles from light, medium and dark fabrics for a quilt that measures 78 x 87 inches…similar to the size of ours.  Wow!

The triangles for the quilt we’re finishing were cut from cardboard and paper templates long before rotary cutting and die cutting machines.

back of triangle pattern

Triangle pattern found with Vintage Treasure #2


If you’re thinking about making a one patch triangle quilt, be sure to purchase the August 2019 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting.  In addition to Jody’s pattern, you will also find lots of quilt inspiration, tips, new products and patterns.

Jody, thank you for sharing your “Tied & True” pattern, it really is a vintage treasure!


Vintage Treasure #2 in completion stages by Cindy and Sandy



Cindy went somewhere fancy…

but I was not invited! Can you believe it???

Meanwhile, back at the sewing room, I’m jumping way ahead of my procrastination deadline and I actually have about 5 completed giant blocks for my graduate’s quilt. I have about 20 more in some stage of completion. I think I’m going to need 40 blocks for a dorm-size twin bed. Easy peasy.

Maybe I should call the fabulous Ms. G, long-arm quilting magician and let her know that I will be passing on the pressure soon…?

Isn’t June rushing by?

Our father always used to say that New York real estate was best sold in June. He was certainly on to something. June is a glorious time of year in the northeast. It’s warm during the day and it cools down nicely for sleeping. The mornings are soft and pink. The rain showers are gentle and life-affirming. The leaves are fresh and green. There is no better place to be in June than western New York.

It looks like a fairy tale out my bedroom window.

We are preparing for my son’s high school graduation at the end of the month and I’m working hard to get up to speed on my new job. My mind is full of details and questions, making it seem like the days are just flying by but when I wake up each morning I try to appreciate the beauty around me so I can hold on to these precious days for just a bit longer.

Cindy and I spent a day and a half together in Ohio last week after I made a quick business trip to Indiana. We did not get a moment to sew, but I did raid her stash for neutrals for my graduate’s quilt. I have a no-design design idea in mind, but it’s taking me a bit of effort to get it off the ground than I had anticipated. I’m thinking that this weekend will be my last possible chance to finish the top so I can have something for him to unwrap at that grad party.

I always think that I work better under pressure. It’s time, once again, to put my theory to the test — but not for another day or two!

A New Free Pattern!

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on a new quilt design with a “Dot Crazy” jelly roll.  These fabrics were designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio.

Sandy and I collaborated over the miles on this design.  Thank goodness for cell phone technology…what would we do without it?  I would send her photos of different layouts and she would give me feedback.

Below is the result of our collective design strategy and we are calling this quilt “Corner Kick”.
Rock wall with logo

We love these fabrics because they are bright, bold and modern.  The blue and white diamonds help anchor the blocks and bring all these fabrics together in a very easy, beginner friendly quilt.
Diamond with logo

We think these bright fabrics make the perfect quilt for sunny day picnics or a casual throw on a cool summer evening.
Close up with logo

Grab a colorful jelly roll and get started on your own “Corner Kick”.
Pic with logo
You can download this FREE Pattern by clicking on this link: Corner Kick 06 06 19

We will also be posting this FREE Pattern to the Fave Quilts website.  This is a great quilting website where you will find free patterns, free eBooks, giveaways, and quilting videos.  Sandy and I both subscribe to their free email Newsletter, “Piecing it Together” and you can sign up by clicking HERE  Lots of quilting inspiration will be delivered directly to your inbox, it’s so easy!

Be sure to share photos of your completed “Corner Kick” quilts with us, we’d love to see them!