Christmas Sofa Quilt – A Free Pattern

Good morning from Cindy in Ohio!  I just finished the pattern for Sandy’s latest masterpiece…a “Christmas Sofa Quilt”!
Logo 2

We fell in love with this Little Tree fabric line and knew it was the perfect match for Sandy’s pattern.  She combined four 10 inch (finished) patchwork blocks to make one large patchwork block.  Here’s a close up view:

Block Close Up

Sandy designed this quilt with a 2 inch tone on tone border to showcase these lovely Christmas prints.  We like this pattern because the large floral blocks and the color scheme can easily be changed to use other themed fabrics for Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Quilts of Valor, Birthdays…you get to choose!

full pic outside

You can find the FREE pdf pattern by clicking on this link: Christmas Sofa Quilt 08 20 19

We’ll also be posting this pattern to the FaveQuilts website  where you can find many more FREE quilt patterns for quilting inspiration.



A Country Fair

It’s always fun to see the quilts during fair season. Cindy’s annual tour to the Ohio State fair is a highlight of our summer blog, but I have to tell you that there are no quilting slouches here in our little hidden corner of New York!

Mom and I attended the Steuben County fair yesterday (on it’s 200th anniversary, no less). And we oohed and aahed at the quilting talent sprinkled in our midst.

Just after we entered the fair grounds, we went in search of some cows. I needed to lean against one and inhale her perfume– and look what I found, a cow + a quilt. Bonus! I love the well-loved tone of this fabric.

Our next bee-line was to the root beer float truck. Sublime.

This is some seriously excellent marketing — from the truck
To the barrel and striped decor
to the help
to the high-quality, excellent product. True Americana. My hats off to the marketing team!

My son and I have been touring the farm on weekends. The air has turned a little fall-ish, but the views are still divine.

We found some wild blackberries. It’s been years since we picked them.

I am four days away from being the proud mother of a college freshmen. I’m going to be needing a lot of fresh air.

A New Christmas Quilt Pattern!

Cindy here, reporting in from Ohio.  I did a lot of sewing this past weekend and finished a beautiful Christmas quilt that Sandy designed.

For the patchwork squares, Sandy combined four 10 inch blocks (finished size) to make one large 20 inch block (finished size).

We were looking for just the right fabric line for Sandy’s design and fell in love with “Little Tree” by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics.  What do you think?
Outside picWe ordered our fabrics from Fabric Shack, a favorite store of ours in Waynesville, Ohio. We’re working on the FREE pattern right now and hope to post it very soon!  Stay tuned!
full pic outside



Blueberry Time

My son mentioned yesterday that the smell of fresh, ripe fruit reminds him that it’s almost time to go back to school. That made me laugh!

Cindy spent some time on the farm last week and we picked blueberries — 17 lbs, in fact.

Plump little beauties.
We love Blueberry Hill!

The rest of this week and next is reserved for packing my son up and getting him off to college. I’ll be the mom with the blue-stained fingers quietly sobbing in the basement.