Porch Party!

It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

This morning, I had a porch party with a dear friend. She cleaned out her stash and said she had a bag full of fabric with my name on it. I couldn’t get to her house fast enough!

We chatted on the porch for just a bit (due to inclement weather) AND it felt like a party because we haven’t seen each other in person since I can’t remember when!

Check out all these fabrics! There’s a little of something or a lot of something from every spoke on the color wheel.

Speaking of wheels, the ones in my head are turning with a new crop of fabrics. I was in desperate need of some purples and there are lots of good ones to work with.

Dusting will have to wait and I think we’ll have take out pizza for dinner because I’ll be sorting and stacking fabric.

Thank you dear friend, let’s have another porch party soon!

9 thoughts on “Porch Party!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      I think I was more happy to see my friend in person than to receive the fabric…although the fabric is awesome!

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