Valentine’s Day Gifts

There’s still time to make a few quick Valentine’s Day gifts…like these awesome earbud cases. There’s even time to drop them in the mail for a timely Valentine’s Day arrival.

Necessity may be the mother of invention but I have concluded that necessity is the mother of YouTube searches!

I found this cute, free earbud case pattern on the Ann Arbor Sewing Center website along with a very helpful video tutorial.

The pattern calls for using an old CD as a template for sewing the circle. The swivel hook works great for attaching the case to the inside or outside of a purse or backpack.

I’m in the process of making a few more gifts from the scraps I have on hand.

Sandy, be sure to check your mailbox!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      I kept leaving my earbuds all over the place and finally decided I needed a case for them! Kitty fabric will be turning up in all kinds of future projects!

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