Dreaming of Spring

Here in upstate New York, the deep, dark, cold of January is starting to lose its grip, if ever so slightly. I cheer on the extra minute or two of sunlight that we gain at the end of every day. I await the arrival of gardening catalogs. I hunker down with bowls of soup while I try to keep cozy under piles of toasty quilts. I sleep or work to pass the time.

This year there is an extra layer of sadness that comes during the long dark hours of deep winter. Friends, family, work buddies, and dear pets have moved on, moved up, shut down, crossed over, and dived off the deep end. I suppose this happens throughout the year, but the dark of winter and that old 2020 stalker, Covid-19, gives me plenty of time contemplate the losses and their long-term effects.

Sheesh! Does anyone else think I’m in need of a grow light or a float? I’m popping Vitamin Ds like they are M&M’s and planning a quilt of spring farm flowers in a bid to self-medicate during dry January.

My newly sprained ankle has been keeping me off the hiking trails and sabotaging my New Year’s resolutions. (Not to worry, back out on the trails in about 4 weeks.) Here’s a picture from the farm on January 1.

Barn from afar
The barn in the distance on New Year’s day.

Meanwhile, I hauled out some old hand sewing projects. First up was a Bunny Slope pillow project that I bought years ago. My stitching needs some improvement, and I really need to work on reading directions, but I love this technique. Now I’m thinking about designing my own project – something happy and bright as I contemplate the promise of spring, perhaps? Suggestions/design ideas are welcome!

Bunny slope
Bunny Slope fun. Try not to zoom in!

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy! I am so sorry to hear about your sprained ankle. Sometimes those can be worse than a broken one, so try to baby it. There doesn’t seem to be too much snow there on the farm. The extra minutes at the end of the day are really noticeable, aren’t they?!! I can keep the blinds open until almost 5 pm here these days – woot woot! {{Hugs}} It won’t be long and you’ll be back out hiking and such, and planting those bulbs. ~smile~ Roseanne

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