Content to Stay Focused

Maybe it’s the snow that has fallen nearly every day in April in western New York, but I am content to stay at home and work (so much work), sew, and put my 2000 piece Gone with the Wind puzzle together. If only I had both a fireplace and an outdoor hot tub, I could hunker down for another season.

Monday morning’s view from the back door.

A view from the deck earlier this week. The snow melted just an hour later.

Sister Cindy came to my rescue a week ago and mailed me the final postage stamps for the red postage stamp quilt, thus freeing me from the repetitive fabrics that were tossed into the corner because I was sick.of.them.

I am thrilled to announce that all 285 4×4 blocks are completed! Next steps:

  • Order a case of color catchers
  • Wash the 4×4 blocks using the whole case of color catchers
  • Iron the blocks
  • Assemble the quilt top
  • Create a backing fabric from my stash
  • Drop off to Ms. G for quilting
  • Create a binding
  • Bond with the masterpiece whilst attaching the binding by hand
  • Find a home it

Keepsake Quilting came through and the backing arrived for the blue/tan Turning Twenty quilt for my friend. I’ve pre-washed everything (color catchers not required) and now it’s ready for ironing and quilting. I’ll be dropping it off to Ms G’s porch sometime this weekend on the way to the farm. Rest assured we’ll use all social distancing protocols.

Stay safe and be well everyone. Better days are surely ahead.

6 thoughts on “Content to Stay Focused

    • sandradny says:

      T — I’m working on a where’s Waldo fabric contest! I couldn’t have completed this without you.

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