It’s been a fast couple of weeks. I’ve put in a lot of air miles and spent a lot of nights away from my heated mattress pad and my sewing machine. Traumatic, to be sure. I was able to spring my Bernina from the machine spa two Saturdays ago and I expected to spend the weekend feverishly sewing little red squares. Alas, it was not be. I brought a bad cold home as a souvenir.

If you’ve traveled lately or gone to the mall lately, you know about the evil stares you receive if you cough or sneeze! Sorry fellow passengers on the Delta flight from Austin-Detroit. It was really just a cold!

While I was driving home from the airport/machine spa/Costco, I got a text from my son: sick at school. Uh oh.

A trip to the ER confirmed it, he had Type B flu — the prescription eligible kind. He spent the week at home (not gonna lie, I was happy to feed him and take care of him) while I nursed that fever and marveled at the young man he has become.

So finally, finally, at least a month and a half since I last sat at my sewing machine, I started piecing yesterday afternoon. It was heavenly. I’m back in my red postage stamps.

Then for some variety, and to refocus my attention to bigger squares, I’m working on the quilt top I helped my friend start exactly 1 year ago. It’s blue and tan and my friend asked me to finish it for her — her life is feverish too.

We are all on the mend, my friend, my son and me, but I suppose I am the only one who feels better while elbows deep in scrap fabric.

Stay healthy my friends!

Turrning Twenty Again in blue and tan
Red postage stamp scraps slowly coming together.

Cindy — I forgot to ask– while I’ve been working, how was your first vacation of the year?

8 thoughts on “Feverish

  1. laura bruno lilly says:

    Oh I can relate…I had an unexpected asthma coughing/wheezing attack at the grocery store the other day…I usually have my rescue inhaler with me, but it had been so long between my needing to use it, I had left it on the kitchen table at home. Meanwhile, as I’m trying to gracefully and as quietly as possible simmer my attack down and breathe again, the stares of those pushing their carts past me (even though I had gone to a more secluded corner of the store) were frightening. I ended up leaving my cart and getting back into my car to drive home…even though I had successfully managed to calm the attack and could have resumed my grocery shopping.
    So glad you’re on the mend and back to Bernina-ing!

  2. tierneycreates says:

    Oh no the small red squares work lowered your immune response (joke)! I hope you continue to feel better and I am sure all the travel got to you. Glad you are enjoying some creativity as you recover.

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