On Again (more work), Off Again (more travel)

Sandy reporting in from New York. (Seriously, I just typed London instead of New York — I loved it there– must be my brain is still there!)

Despite my mis-fire at Liberty London, I had a great trip of fun and work. I’ve spent the last week trying to play catch-up, powering through on-line class grading (I teach an online public speaking class), getting in front of my other side-hustle real estate job — C.R.A.Z.Y– and organizing my tax paperwork in anticipation of the April 15 deadline.

Spring is always like this for me, so I’m used to it, but whew, it’s a whirlwind.

As I suspected, my Bernina machine problem was a user error. I can pick it up at the shop on Saturday. I can’t wait to get back to my postage stamp project. I am certain that it will not be done at Valentine’s Day as I had hoped, but the first step to getting back on track is to get that machine underfoot!

And I’m off again on Sunday to spend a week in Austin working with a full schedule of meetings. After back home for another week and then I’m headed for a month in Florida where I’ll still be working, but at least there will be some sunshine and a bit of warmth. I haven’t told my sister (whose home I will be calling my office during this time), but I am definitely bringing my sewing machine and my 1.5″ squares to her spare bedroom!

Since it will likely be another 20 years before I see London again, here’s a bit of a reminder of our experience on the Tower Bridge. This is LG — one of my good friends who traveled across the pond with me.

I am terrified of heights — my knees were shaking! LG is always up for anything and she was laughing at me!

6 thoughts on “On Again (more work), Off Again (more travel)

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy! Love, love, LOVE this photo of you and your bestie on the London Bridge. COOL!! Did you go on the ferris wheel? They didn’t have that when we last visited but it looks like a nice safe, easy way to see the city even if you’re afraid of heights. That’s a boatload of travel, but oh the promise of some sunshine makes it worth it. Safe travels and good luck on those red squares!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. piecefulwendy says:

    You have a crazy busy life right now. Hope you are able to get some sewing stress relief in soon. We are heading to Florida in March; with all of our cloudy days here, it can’t come soon enough!

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