Ohio State Fair Quilts – Post II

Hi everyone!  It’s Cindy reporting in on my last installment of Ohio State Fair Quilts.

Before I get to the quilts, I have to share one of the Ohio State Fair highlights that is not quilt related.

Gasp!  How can there possibly be anything more exciting than the quilts??  Check out the Butter Cow…another important Ohio State Fair tradition.
Butter cow sign

This year, the butter cow exhibit paid homage to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  I think the cows are gazing at the moon…don’t you?  OR maybe they are just staring at the astronauts.

Now back to the quilts!  The quilt below was gorgeous.  It was made from the handkerchieves of the owner’s grandmother and great grandmother.  The colors, fabrics and quilting were lovely.
Hankies full shotThis patriotic quilt was impressive.
Patriotic beautyThere were a lot of tiny pieces in the one below.  I like all the different fabrics, colors and textures.
tiny piecesI studied this green/black/white quilt because I was trying to figure out how it was pieced together.  The quilting added another dimension to the pieced design.
GreenThis quilt was another interesting one to study because of all the colors and prints.  My favorite part was the black and white striped binding.
Bright chaosLast but not lease was the “Best of Show”…a paper pieced work of art.  It’s one of those quilts that just stops you in your tracks and all you can say is “Wow!!!”Tula fullHere’s a close up of the center.  Aren’t these kitties cute?Tula close 2Here’s a close up of the piecing and the quilting.Tula ribbonsThere were so many gorgeous quilts, these are just a few highlights.

If you ever have a chance to visit the Ohio State Fair, you’ll have a great time…Sandy and I highly recommend it!

4 thoughts on “Ohio State Fair Quilts – Post II

  1. piecefulwendy says:

    I have so many handkerchiefs from my mother, grandmother, aunts. I should pull them out and see if I could come up with a medley for a quilt. In this age of trying to be more environmentally aware, you’d think they’d make a come back! If they do, I’ll be ready. 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    I was born and raised in Ohio and have been living in North Carolina for the last 26 years. I never had the opportunity to attend the state fair. Reading your post have me yearning to do so. I’m putting it on my Bucket List. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing quilts. Blessings. Diane

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