Foxes in the Man Cave

My husband’s birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to give him something unique.

He really liked the Fancy Forest Wall Hanging I made for my DF (dear friend) so I decided to make a “manly” pillow for him using the fox block from Elizabeth Hartman’s  Fancy Forest Pattern

This green batik makes an eye catching fox, don’t you think?


I think the blue print resembles wet fur.  I’ll have fun quilting this blue boy…mistakes will be hidden by all this texture!


Doesn’t everyone need an orange fox?  Hey, are those mosquitoes flying around his face?


Since my husband wears reading glasses, I just had to add a pair to one fox.  I used an iron on fusible web to attach the glasses.  I’ll tack these down with a small zig-zag stitch before I do the quilting.


Here’s his pillow ready for quilting!  It will be approximately 20 x 20 inches square.


Now there will be 5 foxes in the man cave instead of just one!



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