Birthday Trip to the Fancy Forest


What do you give a very dear friend for a milestone birthday?  A trip to the Fancy Forest, of course!

In my October 23rd post, I mentioned my dear friend (DF) and I attended the Tompkins County Quilters Guild Traditions & Beyond 2017 Quilt Show.

While at the show, DF fell in love with a Fancy Forest quilt, designed by Elizabeth Hartman .  At a silent auction, I bid on a smaller Fancy Forest wall hanging (hoping to use it as a birthday gift for my DF) but GASP!!! I didn’t win.

What to do?  Sewing pedal to the metal of course!   I had just two short weeks to make a wall hanging, pop it in the mail and pray it arrived in time for her birthday.   After staying up until 1:30 am to finish, here is the resulting masterpiece:


Who could resist a cute little fox face with a quilted snout?


Hazel the Hedge Hog is my favorite!


DF, I hope your birthday trip to the fancy forest brings many smiles to you!



P.S.  I wrote about the backing in my October 31st post “Should Knot Be Seen”.  As you can see, I had to change out the thread colors more than once but who will see the back of this wall hanging?  Just the wall!Knots 1



10 thoughts on “Birthday Trip to the Fancy Forest

  1. Meg our-house-quilts says:

    Looks fabulous. Well done in such a short time line. I also don’t give any effort to the back of a wall hanging, unless it is for a quilt judging, and sometimes not even then.


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