Bench Pillow — done!

My World Series sewfest has turned into a finished project. Yippee! With my brand new machine quilting stippling skills gaining traction every minute, I feel free to semi-confidently finish some old projects that have been languishing in the “someday” pile for quite some time.

Fall pillow covers for my sofa bench pillows have been a long time on my to-do list . I started out with this just days ago:


Then I moved to this:


And now I’m here!


The bad news — I have two pillows this size and my scrap pre-cut pile is running low on fall colors. I think the coordinating cover for the other pillow will have to wait until next year. 

My barren living room has finally acquired some fall color and warmth. I’ve get to wash the cover soon to see if in fact the term “quilting it out” (as in quilting out the mistakes) is a useful term.

Stand back — there is more to come — I’ll be shrinking that “someday” pile a little more each day.

9 thoughts on “Bench Pillow — done!

  1. Eileen f Murillo-Glazier says:

    I enjoy your blog. The pillow is great. Using all the bits and pieces from other projects feels good, doesn’t it?


  2. tierneycreates says:

    I love the bench pillow – I bet all those colors add some sparkle to the room! I covered a bench with a similar type of pattern – I love little squares of different fabrics together!

  3. Alice says:

    The pillow is really lovely. One of theses days I also want to get up the courage to try stipling to quilt, at the moment it´s all straight or wavy lines 🙂

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