Stressed By The Mess!

My sewing room is a mess and I must admit I am stressed!

I have piles of unrelated fabrics that have to be sorted!  Right now the burlap is crammed on a shelf with the minky, the fleece and the flannel.  Dearest hubby doesn’t call me “the stuffer” for no reason!


I have bins full of unrelated colors and who knows what else lies beneath this mound?!


Threads are thrown together in a haphazard fashion!


I have too many pinks and the drawer is overflowing!  I tried to cram them back in the drawer but they won’t fit!


My bobbin bin is a mix of miscellaneous “things”!


I have some time this weekend to sew, but I think I’ll be cleaning and organizing instead.

If I can get organized, I just know I can be more productive and definitely less stressed!

What is your favorite tip for keeping your quilting space organized?

16 thoughts on “Stressed By The Mess!

  1. sandradny says:

    I thought for sure when I bought a bigger house and acquired a dedicated “sewing room”, that all my organizational problems were solved. It has not worked out that way…. I’ve been considering declaring this Sunday a “fall cleaning day” and just tackling my mess. But then I get to thinking that there aren’t that many more days of summer and that I need to organize a picnic instead. Choices, choices…..

  2. tierneycreates says:

    See if you lived in Central Oregon I would rush over and get you organized – ha! I have actually helped a couple of friends completely reorganize/declutter their crafting spaces! Burlaps and Minky together – oh the horror 😉

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