Down a Country Lane

I’ve been spending some time at the farm lately and I just can’t stop taking pictures. My parents always opine that  “June is the best time to sell New York”. I think they are right.

The green in the trees is fresh and new and the sky is an indescribable shade of blue that offers a respite from the world. Some of my friends describe a deep feeling of relaxation when they are near the ocean. For me, that feeling comes when I’m lying on my back in the grass and gazing up into the blue sky through a screen of maple leaves.



I’ve been reading a bit about micro photography on other blogs and I’ve been making my first attempts at this style on the spring flowers in the fields.


A buttercup. I think I like this well enough to have it framed.


How do you feel about escargot? I need to zoom in closer next time. Look at the pattern on his body — I need to get much, much closer.  Thankfully, there is no shortage of  these critters.


A wild violet — I suppose the next close-up will be unavailable until next spring. Note to self: Violets don’t bite — get closer and don’t be afraid of the zoom!

I found a few country flowers on a Salvo expedition. They adorn a good quality dust ruffle remnant from Pottery Barn. I’m going to cut the flowers out and find a way to incorporate them into a girly quilt. I like the rough pseudo hand-work concept.


I’ve been away from my sewing machine for a long time, but who could ever resist this blue sky?


This view always signals that I’m home.

5 thoughts on “Down a Country Lane

  1. tierneycreates says:

    That yellow flower photo is AMAZING! I found myself staring at it for a while! Ah June in NY! I just got back from Ft Worth Texas, which I cannot say I recommend in June, but I do go to NY this Fall so I am excited 🙂

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