Planned But Banned…THE END!

In my December 12, 2106 post, I showed you a quilt Sandy and I had planned but then it was banned from her house.  You can read about it here.

After finishing the top, I took it to my trusted quilter, Mrs. KB.  She suggested a rolling wave pattern to soften the angles and I like it!


I am loving the green and purple contrast.  It took us forever to decide on this green fabric but it’s perfect.


My go to method for tacking down quilt bindings is to use a slip stitch by hand.  I have three large quilts in progress and the thought of tacking down yards of binding by hand is causing “severe procrastination syndrome”…. a common problem for me!

I decided to use my machine to tack down this binding.  I watched a few on-line videos, took  a deep breath, and got started.  I like how this worked out and plan to use this technique again with my other two quilts in progress.


I usually give away quilts to people I love BUT I just might keep this quilt for myself!



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