Wasn’t it just Halloween?

Remember a few months ago when we were giggling about all those crazy quilters who were already working on Christmas projects? Well, now those quilters are in the homestretch and I’m already making excuses about why this year’s presents are going to become next year’s gifts. How the heck did it become Thanksgiving already?

I’m getting ready to host most of the family at my house for the holiday dinner. Cindy and her DH are driving in from Ohio tomorrow. Sister Sue is already here. We had planned a big beach family vacation in South Carolina, but our father had some unexpected health issues, so we had to cancel (hurrah for travel insurance). My house is a mess, but I hope the food will be tasty and it will distract everyone from my general lack of, and/or disinterest in, housekeeping skills.

I love pulling out the decorations and making the house cozy. Did you ever notice how Thanksgiving decorations are the forgotten holiday? Here is one of my favorites from my slim turkey-day decorations. It was purchased from a Cracker Barrel a few years ago. Doesn’t everyone needs a floor model turkey?


I have stylishly added a homemade touch to the decor (see below). My drawings skills sometimes amaze me. This chalkboard hangs in my entryway.


In my office at work, I’m still displaying a wall hanging that was one of the first quilts I ever made on my own. It has a pumpkin on it, but tomorrow before I leave for a few days off, I’m about to get my red and green on.

Bring on the Christmas cheer, I think I’m done with fall — even though my Christmas gifts will likely be store-bought this year. img_25391

2 thoughts on “Wasn’t it just Halloween?

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Hey wasn’t it just 4th of July? Yup. When I was a kid it seemed like time moved soooo slow. Now it seems like it is holiday, after holiday and no time in between! All those things in my mind I was going to have done for the Christmas holiday – oh well. Maybe next year! Enjoyed your photos and the stockings quilt!

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