Somebody’s in Trouble

So, like a lot of my quilting friends, I’ve been a little “stuck” of late. It seems that everything I sew comes out a little whacky — and not in the good way. An accounting of my woes:

  1. I’ve been trying to make a tree skirt for my friend in Texas for about 2 years. I’m using an older pattern called Diamond Log Cabin  (From Eleanor Burns, 1988). Without the 80’s lace trim, it is quite a lovely pattern. Problem: I’ve completed all of the diamonds, but the final product is just not sliding together. <sigh>It appears that one or more of my “logs” is at least a 1/4″ off.
  2. I’m working on another Christmas mini based on the Nutcracker ballet. It’s been on my design wall for ages, but my Christmas cheer tank is drained.
  3. The geese on my Paddlewheel quilt few south a few months ago and I’m scared to try again.
  4. My little boy had his heart broken about two weeks ago, so the planned Bethany quilt will have to be finished in the dead of the night and snuck out of the house never to be seen again. Some lucky teenage girl that we don’t know is going to get a great gift round about Valentine’s day. To Cindy’s credit, she did warn me to shop fabric for a wall hanging for the new girlfriend instead of a quilt.
  5. And finally I have been having difficulty getting my Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree to come together. After wrestling with it for a few days (while certain that there was a flaw in the pattern) I got frustrated and put it on the design wall. Uh. Oh. Sewing error on aisle 1. Some days you just have to laugh.


4 thoughts on “Somebody’s in Trouble

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    1. I’ll help you fix it at Thanksgiving! 2. There is always next year! 3. Hmmm, maybe they need to stay in the south, it’s warmer down there! 4. I’ll sneak it out of the house, finish it and you both can forget about it. Since I helped pick out the fabric, I am a bit partial to its beauty! 5. No comment as I am in Aisle 2! TGIF!

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