36 Charm Street Baby Quilt

I just love the Canyon Fabric Collection by Kate Spain!  The colors!  The prints!  They speak to me!  I bought a charm pack and sewed 36 of them together.


What to do next?  I had to think about this because I wanted to showcase these beautiful fabrics.


My goal was to make a unique border to frame the charm squares but I wanted the border to be neutral.  So…I made Border #1 a solid white fabric.

Border #2 became interesting!  I decided to add a series of white and gray rectangles.  The rectangle sizes were a serious math problem I had to solve!  I finally figured it out and love the result!

Finally, I used a solid white fabric for Border #3 so the bright colors in the Canyon Collection stand out.


When I dropped off this top to my quilter, Ms. KB, she showed me a bead and wave pattern she had on hand.  Once I saw the pattern, I knew it was perfect!  Here is a close up of the front:DSCN5730

And the back…


The gray binding is the same color as the gray rectangles.  A solid color makes a nice  frame for the quilt and allows the Canyon Collection to be the quilt focus.


Beautiful AND easy!  It goes together quickly and is the perfect project for beginning quilters.

Like this pattern?  Download it here:  36-charm-street-feb-2017

5 thoughts on “36 Charm Street Baby Quilt

  1. Sue says:

    I tried making this charming quilt. But when I stitched the gray & white 2.34″ pieces together (7 gray, 7 white), they do not fit onto the quilt top as described in your pattern. The first strip of gray/white is too long; the second strip fits (sort of); the third strip is too short; the fourth strip just doesn’t fit at all. Help!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Hi Sue! I left you a note to call me but you may prefer to just receive an email. I have my quilt here and have double checked my measurements. I am wondering if my fabric did/did not stretch like yours has? If strip #1 is too long, I would cut off the extra on the white block on the right hand side. For strip #3, the white on the left hand side needs to be pinned to the gray rectangle from strip #2. For strip #4, the white rectangle needs to be pinned to the gray rectangle from strip #3. I hope this makes sense. But please feel free to call me if it would help you!

  2. Susie in the country says:

    thanks for sharing this pattern. I especially like the quilting stitch you chose and the gray block outlining the quilt. I am renewing my home economics skills from long ago and will add this to my bucket list of things to attempt in the future. thanks again.

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      So glad you like this, Susie! Send us a pic of your finished project when you give it a try! Home Economics…I think they call it something else now but Sandy and I learned a lot in those classes…including how NOT to burn up a pot holder! LOL!

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