Misc. Monday

My ugly couch has been contained with a simple math problem!

1 ugly couch + 2 quilts = 1 gorgeous couch + 2 cute pillows

I had a new vision for my sewing room so my husband painted it a warm neutral khaki color.  Yikes!  This couch no longer worked for my “feminine chic” vision;  however, it is so comfortable I just couldn’t part with it!


There are so many couch covers on the market today and my search revealed several lovely covers BUT they were a bit pricey.

I was out shopping and came across an off white matelasse king size quilt for only $30.  I snapped it up and brought it home.  The stripes went under cover.


Well, this was definitely better, but it really needed something else.  Hmm, I know, another quilt!

I had  a bright and cherry vintage quilt on hand so why not give it a try?  Nice feminine colors and an additional layer of texture–looking good!


I added a few pillows for more color and comfort!  Much better now!


Two quilts and two cute pillows helped me solve my decorating problem with minimal expense.  The best part–everything is machine washable!  The couch now meets my vision for gorgeous “feminine chic”!


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