October Highlights

One of the highlights of October in western New York is the Ridgewalk and Run. It is a trail walk and run hosted by the local hospital and it takes participants over a spectacular off-road route with stunning scenery. I’ve participated many times and it is always a special time.

My event of choice is the 6-mile walk. Sign-ups begin in May when everything is balmy and the promise of spring has started to unfold. It’s easy to put out of your mind what October weather can be like here in the foothills of the Appalachians.

When I woke up on Sunday morning the wind was howling outside the way it does when a snowstorm is in full swing. Uh. Oh.

I peaked out the window to see a light blanket of the white stuff and that wind, oh that wind, was rattling through the trees. I toyed with the idea of staying in bed, but I knew that I would be disappointed if I skipped the event, so I layered up, and packed my St. Bonaventure nylon backpack with granola bars and water and headed out.


I am so happy that I did!

The snow in the trees was beautiful — especially at the start of the walk. Luckily, the wind died down before we began.

At about mile 3, I passed another walker who said, “Hey-I graduated from St. Bonavature too!”

“What year,” I asked, without turning around.

“1982,” came the reply.

I stopped in my tracks! It was an old friend of mine from college! I haven’t seen her since Senior week.

And she’s a quilter now too!!!! Whoop! Whoop! Re-connection made!! We walked the rest of the way together. She recently moved back to New York State, so I know I will see more of her.

I have to report a sadness in my life. My son’s soccer team lost a high school sectional game, so I am officially no longer a soccer mom. We had such fun watching this guy play over the years. I know his next adventure will be just as fun to watch.


Last but not least in my exciting week, I received this adorable picture via text! My granddaughter with her doll quilt and pillow. Life is good.


Quilting for a Cause

This past Saturday, I joined a group of “Stitching Sisters” to make quilts for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments at The Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital.  Because of the incredible response by many quilters, the group also provides quilts to patients undergoing treatment for other types of cancer as well.

What an incredible event!  We had over 200 quilters sewing away in the community center/auditorium of a local church.

As soon as we registered, we were given a zip lock bag that included:  a quilt top pattern with instructions, all the pattern pieces (already cut out) and the associated quilt backing fabric.


Next, we sat at a table of 4 and started sewing away!  Below is one I pieced together.


Below is one my friend completed.


There was so much positive energy and laughter throughout the day!  A silent auction was held to raise money for…wait for it…fabric and batting!


Every stitching sister got to pick a door prize.  We also had the best snacks, lunch AND yummy desserts at our fingertips!


I didn’t win the raffle quilt but I gave it a good try!


Once we completed our quilt tops, we turned them in with our backing fabric to be quilted by an army of long arm volunteers.  As we left for the day, we received two free quilt patterns and a tote bag to remind us of our sewing adventure.


There is nothing like a quilt to provide warmth and comfort during difficult times.  I’ll be recruiting more stitching sisters for next year’s event!

Planned But Banned!

Ever plan a quilt, buy the fabric and then have it banned from your household?  “How could this possibly ever happen?”, you ask politely!

In Sandy’s November 17, 2016 blog post, she mentioned her “little” boy had his heart broken.  The quilt she planned for the heart breaker now had to be finished under the cover of darkness and sneaked out of the house…banned!  It was never to be seen again by the heart broken young man.

Alas, I helped plan this quilt and had to rescue it from demise!  Sandy put all the fabric in a brown paper bag.  The anonymous brown bag left her house and was swiftly placed in my car as if it contained the dreaded turkey leftovers.  Below is the inspirational color scheme:dscn7397

The inspirational pattern was published in the December 14, 2014 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting.  It’s called “Modern Floral” and was designed by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis.

We had fun shopping for the fabrics at Material Rewards, a local quilt shop.  Mom was with us and she helped steer us in the right direction with color choices.  She says she is not a quilter, but she is really good with color choices!


Sandy cut out all the fabrics and even sewed the major blocks together…awesome job!  Now all I have to do is get all the pieces and parts organized and continue sewing away!


I think this will be one of my Christmas break projects.  Stay tuned for more news on planned but banned!

Charming Addition for Hubby

I subscribe to a few quilting magazines, how about you?  I leave them around the house for inspiration and then after awhile, I give them away to quilting friends.  The December 2012 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine featured a quilt pattern called Charming Addition.


“Charming Addition” Quilt made by Cindy

My husband spotted this quilt pattern and suggested I make one.  At first, the quilt looked easy but then as I read through the instructions, I realized how complicated it would be to lay out all those plus signs!  AND I had to cut out hundreds (yes hundreds!!) of squares from my stash…gasp!  I gave a half hearted “someday” reply and moved on to make other quilts.  But RK would not give up!  Every once in awhile he would come back to me and say “This quilt is really nice” or “Isn’t this beautiful?”  After finally taking a not so subtle hint I decided to make RK a quilt for Christmas using fabrics that represent our life together (Schnauzer included!)


Sadie Sue loves Charming Addition!  Haircut scheduled for Wednesday!

I began to search for fabrics that had meaning to both of us and secret messages from me.  For example, RK is my prince charming so I had to include this crown fabric!


And he is the apple of my eye!


RK likes military planes and I was so happy to find this fabric!  We frequent the The National Museum for the United States Air Force.


Every spring, we hunt for Morel Mushrooms, so mushroom fabric was a must!  By the way, RK won first place for men and I won first place for women in the 54th Annual National Mushroom Hunting Championship in Boyne City, Michigan a few years ago.  You can read about the festival here.  We had so much fun and it’s our claim to fame… but that’s a story for another time!


We always have fun at Buckeye Football and Basketball games!


RK is a rock collector, as in boulders!  Our yard has many a boulder just waiting for a permanent home somewhere on our property!  Needless to say, I seriously needed to find some rock fabric!


I enjoyed making this quilt for RK.  It was fun to shop for the fabrics and I was actually very organized in how I cut my fabrics into squares.  I stacked and layered my cut squares in shoe boxes and used blank, white paper to separate my layers.  I used wool batting and a warm, navy blue flannel for the backing.  Now that it’s getting colder outside, it’s time to bring out this beauty and snuggle by the fire!