Quilting for a Cause

This past Saturday, I joined a group of “Stitching Sisters” to make quilts for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments at The Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital.  Because of the incredible response by many quilters, the group also provides quilts to patients undergoing treatment for other types of cancer as well.

What an incredible event!  We had over 200 quilters sewing away in the community center/auditorium of a local church.

As soon as we registered, we were given a zip lock bag that included:  a quilt top pattern with instructions, all the pattern pieces (already cut out) and the associated quilt backing fabric.


Next, we sat at a table of 4 and started sewing away!  Below is one I pieced together.


Below is one my friend completed.


There was so much positive energy and laughter throughout the day!  A silent auction was held to raise money for…wait for it…fabric and batting!


Every stitching sister got to pick a door prize.  We also had the best snacks, lunch AND yummy desserts at our fingertips!


I didn’t win the raffle quilt but I gave it a good try!


Once we completed our quilt tops, we turned them in with our backing fabric to be quilted by an army of long arm volunteers.  As we left for the day, we received two free quilt patterns and a tote bag to remind us of our sewing adventure.


There is nothing like a quilt to provide warmth and comfort during difficult times.  I’ll be recruiting more stitching sisters for next year’s event!

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