October Highlights

One of the highlights of October in western New York is the Ridgewalk and Run. It is a trail walk and run hosted by the local hospital and it takes participants over a spectacular off-road route with stunning scenery. I’ve participated many times and it is always a special time.

My event of choice is the 6-mile walk. Sign-ups begin in May when everything is balmy and the promise of spring has started to unfold. It’s easy to put out of your mind what October weather can be like here in the foothills of the Appalachians.

When I woke up on Sunday morning the wind was howling outside the way it does when a snowstorm is in full swing. Uh. Oh.

I peaked out the window to see a light blanket of the white stuff and that wind, oh that wind, was rattling through the trees. I toyed with the idea of staying in bed, but I knew that I would be disappointed if I skipped the event, so I layered up, and packed my St. Bonaventure nylon backpack with granola bars and water and headed out.


I am so happy that I did!

The snow in the trees was beautiful — especially at the start of the walk. Luckily, the wind died down before we began.

At about mile 3, I passed another walker who said, “Hey-I graduated from St. Bonavature too!”

“What year,” I asked, without turning around.

“1982,” came the reply.

I stopped in my tracks! It was an old friend of mine from college! I haven’t seen her since Senior week.

And she’s a quilter now too!!!! Whoop! Whoop! Re-connection made!! We walked the rest of the way together. She recently moved back to New York State, so I know I will see more of her.

I have to report a sadness in my life. My son’s soccer team lost a high school sectional game, so I am officially no longer a soccer mom. We had such fun watching this guy play over the years. I know his next adventure will be just as fun to watch.


Last but not least in my exciting week, I received this adorable picture via text! My granddaughter with her doll quilt and pillow. Life is good.


9 thoughts on “October Highlights

  1. laura bruno lilly says:

    Your granddaughter is a cutie – the dollie tucked into her new purple quilt – awww! And with that menacing red dino about to chop off her foot shows her multi-faceted personality, eh???!!!!
    What fun to meet up with an old friend and discover you still have stuff in common!

  2. Jill McCaughey says:

    Stumbled across your blog recently. I lived in Friendship, NY, and am very familiar with the areas you are talking about. Went back in 2012, after 45 years away, sad to see the changes in what was a lovely area in which to grow up. My dad was the local photographer, took all the yearbook photos, and weddings and baby pix. I ran into someone in Banff a couple years ago with a Fredonia sweatshirt on, we chatted, and it turns out their wedding photographer was my dad. Small world! Jill Roland McCaughey, Calgary/Phoenix

    • sandradny says:

      Jill — Hello to a former neighbor! It is very lovely here & a well-kept secret. There has been a lot of effort in recent years to help recover the economy here. I hope you grabbed a Texas Hot when you were visiting!

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy! That was quite a coating of the white stuff, but boy does it look pretty on the trees. Gorgeous! Your granddaughter looks so sweet with her baby and her new pillow and quilt. She will be nice and warm when it’s time for bed. How cool to connect with a college friend that you lost touch with. And she quilts, too!! Nice. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. tierneycreates says:

    Adorable kids in the photos! Good thing bed did not win and you got out for your adventure! Is it time again for that suspicious cold white stuff to come visit!??! I want to stay in Autumn and Indian Summers as long as possible! (I did start to feel chilled looking at your video!) 🙂

  5. Gray Barn Designs says:

    I always say I will do the ridge walk and it never works out! Definitely a bucket list item for me! Mud and snow…a winning combination for hiking….hah! Love that smiling little girl, she is a sweetie pie!

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