Reindeer are essential

I’m baaaack. For a week or so, I was blocked out of WordPress. In the same time period I was overwhelmed with work-work, leaving no time to resolve my log-in problem. But Monday I finished the Canada quilts, I graded the last assignments for my college class students, and my work-work is gliding into holiday mode. These checkmarks finally freed up the space and brain-power I needed to resolve the technology issue. Suddenly, Thursday has come to a close and I’m all good.

While I was in WordPress jail, Cindy created some great holiday wall art, but I am thinking smaller.

My Santa gnome pattern from Rustic Christmas seemed to be begging for some wildlife, so I created a Rudolph paper piecing pattern because, well, what would Christmas be without flying reindeer?

Rudolph has officially joined the rustic Christmas quilting games.

4 thoughts on “Reindeer are essential

  1. TuNa Quilts says:

    Thank you for the patterns. Any chance you can make this reindeer pattern a pdf rather than a picture? It’s easier to print to scale properly on a pdf than a picture. Thanks

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