Walking it off

The only way that I’m keeping myself together right now is by a walking regime that I’ve started. Each day I walk for 1.5 hours, no matter the weather, be it wind, rain or shine. I’ve been doing this for 33 days and the physical and mental health benefits are welcome.

Yesterday was extra special because in a normal year I would have taken part in a local tradition, the RidgeWalk. In years past I’ve shown up at this “race” and huffed and puffed my way up and down some steep wooded hills for 6 miles, trying to convince myself that I was fit because I could get through it.

This year was different because I’ve been taking care of my soul by walking off the stress and the cookies and the panic and the race was virtual.

So yesterday a friend and I walked alone through the almost bare woods on the farm for 2.5 hours, simulating the Ridgewalk. The landscape and the trees remind me of Bonnie Hunter’s latest pattern, Appalachian Autumn — all grays and golds and rusts and browns. It was beautiful and it was cleansing.

A forgotten stone foundation on the farm.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, my friends.

13 thoughts on “Walking it off

  1. jonithreadJoni says:

    I had had enough the other day and went for a walk. Just up the street from me is a quietly tucked away family cemetery. I went in to look around, and the names on the headstones match those in my family! I sent a few pictures to my dad to see if this is my family and am waiting to hear back from him. Sometimes you find more than peace on these walks.

    • sandradny says:

      Joni –I’ve been venturing into a really old cemetery near the farm to confer with the ancestors while on my walks. Then I found an even older resting place near my house. Next time I’ll go in and introduce myself (and maybe take a few quilt pictures). Have you tried Ancestry.com? You can find amazing things about your family there.

  2. Sharon Moss says:

    Good for you, Sandy! Very good advice for our stressful times, with Covid weariness and the election ads! I saw a nice yard sign that was also a good reminder, Love Your Neighbor, no exceptions.
    I’m currently sewing masks that I’ll use as stocking stuffers for my adult children and their spouses. Even though I have some good prints, I couldn’t resist a few more fat quarters. Also, I was very impressed with your sewing goals and projects and I loved the colors in your sister’s baby blanket!

    • sandradny says:

      Sharon — I love that you are sewing masks for family. I’ve been relying on disposables lately and I need to get the elastic and just make my own!

  3. Shasta says:

    I too enjoy walking, especially this year. I am impressed by your perseverance. How nice that you are able to participate “virtually”. It looks like you have a great place to walk

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