Stalking the Mail Box

We know that quilting probably won’t save the world, but we hope that some distraction during this difficult time brings you a few minutes of respite.

Cindy is a life-long over achieving, perfection-seeking, bar-raising human being. I gave her a little border fabric and a sweaty, slightly tortured quilt top and she has turned it into a 2-bordered, mitred-cornered (not to mention straight) masterpiece. She says it’s in the mail and on it’s way to NY. Yippee!

Meanwhile, while I wait and as I type this, our mother is in the next room ironing the backing in preparation for its arrival. My huge, crowd-sourced postage stamp quilt will be at Ms. G’s for quilting by mid-week. I am so excited!

Now let’s focus for a minute on something that’s not red: buttercups are in bloom on the farm.

Happy yellow late spring beauties.

Stay safe and well, quilting buds.

6 thoughts on “Stalking the Mail Box

  1. piecefulwendy says:

    Oh boy! The postage stamp quilt is heading to get quilted! Woohoo! I’m just a bit excited for you. And that buttercup is so pretty (and now I have the song in my head – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re younger than me – haha)

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