Time Well Spent

Hello!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

I’ve been working on finishing some miscellaneous sewing projects.  One of my top priorities was to cut up more of my scraps for Sandy’s red and white postage stamp quilt.  Here’s a pile of 1.5 inch squares I mailed out to her last week:Fabric Squares for sjdMom asked me to shorten three of her pajama bottoms so I brushed up on my hemming skills.  They were mailed off with Sandy’s scraps.PJs I found this beautiful fabric to make a curtain for my back door.  I lined it with white muslin and here’s the final product all rolled up!Back DoorI’ve also been making a few masks for family and friends.  To date, a “few” translates into 25!  Chick masksNorma has been busy as well.  She keeps an eye out for anyone who might dare venture into my sewing room.  Her ears are all perky because she thinks Sadie Sue might invade her personal space!  NormaTime on my sewing machine has been time well spent!  I hope the same is true for you!

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