Happy Change of Seasons!

Today is one of those days that reminds me why I like living in the northern hemisphere. I suppose I get a little bored by each season and so I’m happy to observe the big changes in the landscape and the vegetation that occur every 3 months.

Queen Ann’s lace – a harbinger of fall at the farm.

Older sister Sue, mom, my roommate and I spent the last week on Hilton Head Island. Fall-like weather had even invaded the island, so we had a lovely time enjoying the sun, the surf, and even a little bit of rain without melting. I’m pretty sure that we carried four laptops into our holiday rental, but no pays-the-bills work was conducted. That was a serious accomplishment.

Sandy in the sand.

I did get a bit of shopping done at a local quilt shop….

But the real fun was had whilst cruising the thrift shops. Oh my word — the finds on the island were amazing. So many lovely items like framed prints, furniture, decorations, mirrors, glassware, place settings, etc. etc. etc. – nearly all items in perfect condition. I was wishing for a house to decorate or a moving van that needed filling.

It was little Winkle’s first trip to the beach — she loved it!
Also, we saw some really lovely sunrises.

And now today I’m back on the job in western New York and I’m planning on soothing my tired, vacation-weary bones by sewing and sewing and sewing to make up for two weeks of separation from my machine.

Let the new season begin!

2 thoughts on “Happy Change of Seasons!

  1. tierneycreates says:

    Winkle is exceptionally cute! I love the photos especially of the sunrise and your fabric purchases – nice palette there! Of course the colors in that sunrise would make for an excellent palette for a traditional or art quilt – nature has such beautiful colors. Sounds like a great holiday on Hilton Head!

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