It’s On

I’m here to report that Cindy is on vacation again. I’m not bitter. Really. Well sorta. Maybe kinda. Almost definitely.

To compound the bitterness, she started texting me pictures like this:

Mt. Rainer – meh.

So I fired back with this:

Top of the hill above the Gray Barn — spiritual

Then she texted a picture of a delicious fresh fig….

Juicy, to be sure, but you can’t eat the whole thing.

So I let her know that there was no way she was going to one-up me!

Fig Newtons — 100% edible and I didn’t have to fly across the country to get them!

I haven’t heard back from her since. I think she knows that I’m the winner.

In quilting news, I’ve finished my fall pillow covers and am considering a fall decorating fest for tomorrow night.

P.S. Enjoy your 3rd or 4th vacation of the year, Cindy. Really.

11 thoughts on “It’s On

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    HAHAHA! Nothing like a little sister rivalry to keep things interesting. Yup, I’m s.u.r.e. Cindy knows you’ve won Sandy. Because she has to put up with being away from home, having to take pictures like Mt. Rainer, and enjoy food that she can’t totally and completely eat. Poor thing. But someone has to do it! Happy Friday and safe travels to Cindy! ~smile~ Roseanne

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