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My dear friend (DF), MJ, invited me to a local Art Quilt Exhibit and I jumped at the chance because I haven’t seen her in FOREVER!

We attended “Cypress Bark and Sandstone, Studies in Burnt Orange” that displayed art quilts created by Frauke Palmer, a local Columbus artist.  Her designs are inspired by hikes through the American Southwest and she uses photographs from her experiences to make these incredibly beautiful quilts.

Bryce Canyon, one of my favorite places on Earth, was featured in the quilt below.  I was transported to Bryce Canyon in an instant.
Bryce CanyonAnother favorite of mine was “Breakers”.
WaterHere is a close up of the red so you can see all the French Knots that added texture to this piece.
Wave Close up with redBelow is “Desert Rose”.  I didn’t crop out the floor to give you a sense of scale.  This was a large piece and quite beautiful.
Desert RoseThe colors and textures in the piece below were so interesting!  The little rocks on the bottom were held in place by macramé and were different in size and composition.  My son, a Geologist, would have identified them in flash, but they were just “little rocks” to me!
Dangling Wall HangingThe quilt below definitely highlighted the beauty of tree bark.
Bark AsianAnother highlight of our visit was Dart…the official mascot for the Dublin Arts Council.  He is 14 years old and likes to be petted…a lot!  Hmmm, how might I know this?!
Dart 2What a great day to explore such a beautiful exhibit.  Thanks, MJ!


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