Sometimes sewing a wavy line is the best I can do

Spring just doesn’t want to arrive in western New York. We’ve had so many cool, cold and drab days, it’s difficult to remember that sunshine and better days are ahead.

My friend invited me to her home yesterday for a walk in the woods. I needed that walk very much. She’s a nurse in training. She knows these things. And her property—oh my—it has so many hidden surprises! It was exactly the kind of tonic I needed.

Isn’t this the sweetest little gnome house?

I’ve been sewing a bit too, although, since the loss of our father, I have to say that my ability to stay on task has been severely tested. In an attempt to be productive, I’ve working slowly on a Memorial day/4th of July pillow cover from an up-cycled textile.

I’m almost ready to quilt the top of the cover.

Now for some better news — My son’s Academic All-stars team won their small/medium school Championship tonight. Another “last” in this senior year of lasts. #happysad

He anchored a 48-point round. It’s been fun to watch his leadership skills develop.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes sewing a wavy line is the best I can do

  1. Sparkle On! with Abbie says:

    So nice to have a good friend to take you on a nice walk and encountering her wonderful Gnome home too! It’s fun to imagine little Gnomes live in there.
    I’m wishing you sunny days soon Sandy.
    And your son looks so handsome, congratulations to him!

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Sandy! {{Hugs}} I’m glad your friend invited you for an outing, and that walk in the woods sounds wonderful and peaceful. I hope you had a few moments to just enjoy and reflect. That little gnome house is so cute and I love the red door. The Academic All-stars sound like they really rocked it! Yay for them for winning. Be kind to yourself – grieving takes a long time. Happy Tuesday, friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Kathie says:

    Do I see an all star quilt in your son’s future? Hoping creativity helps you move through this understandably very rough patch.

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