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Good morning!  My name is Kathie and I am a close friend of Cindy and Sandy’s family.

As today’s guest author, I wanted to share with their online community that Cindy and Sandy recently lost their father.

On March 14, their dad took his last walk to the barn for which this blog is named and the logo designed.  He was a life long farmer who took his responsibilities to his family, his animals and his land very seriously.

He instilled in each of his daughters a strong work ethic, so I am sure Cindy and Sandy will be sharing their quilting adventures again as soon as they feel able. May their dad find the peace and rest that often eludes a dairy farmer (and father of four girls).


His favorite tractor

18 thoughts on “Today’s Guest Author

  1. MJF says:

    Condolences to all. This brought tears to my eyes as I grew up on a farm and both my parents are gone now.

  2. Rose Johnson says:

    Sorry for your loss. Time will heal the hurt you now feel. Look at his photo often it helps.

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