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Cindy reporting in from Ohio…the mid-western state with no snow in January!

For Christmas 2018, I received several lovely gifts that used non-fabric quilting mediums.  My very dear friend (DF), decided to make a pieced Christmas tree for me from paper…it’s just lovely!


Paper is the perfect quilting medium when fabric is not at hand!  DF also laminated this masterpiece so I can use it as a small place mat or coaster.  Thank you, DF!

DF also made this beautiful picture for the wall of my sewing room.  Paper applique…I am loving this as there were no edges to turn under.  DF, I know you’re reading this…thank you again!


Mr. MH, the husband of a fellow guild member, made a “quilting block” (pictured below) for each guild member.  It’s made from a scrap of wood from his wood shop.

This is super handy as it has:  A nail for a spool of thread, a slanted hole for a pair of small scissors, a magnet on the side for pins, a foam pin cushion and a small hole filled with beeswax…very clever and practical for hand work!


Mr. MH even stamped the bottom with his personal logo and the year he made it.


Quilting inspiration is everywhere and comes in many forms.  Thank you to all my dear, resourceful friends for sharing your inspiration with me!

10 thoughts on “Quilting Mediums

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Cindy! Well, isn’t that wooden thread/scissor holder just so darn clever?!! I love it and I especially love that he stamped it on the bottom with his logo and year. I used to do a fair amount of scrapbooking back in the day. It never occurred to me to equate it in any fashion to quilting, but sure enough it is very similar. And DF did a fabulous job on the mat and framed piece. Love them both, and they are very thoughtful. They’ll make you smile each time to see them and think of her. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Hi Roseanne…I know! That wooden sewer’s helper is very clever and just so portable to have on hand while tacking down a binding while watching TV. The magnet is a big plus! You are so right about scrapbooking and quilting…I never really made that connection either, but they are both portable, use lots of color and texture and make us smile!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      I agree, the sewing machine collage is so pretty and it just adds the right amount of cuteness to my sewing room!

  2. Sparkle On! with Abbie says:

    How wonderful to receive handmade gifts.
    I love the paper appliqués, the sewing machine looks like a painting, DF and Mr. MF are very talented talented.
    Just rain here in PA, strange winter weather so far!

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