Some Assembly Required!

Good morning!  It’s Cindy reporting in.

Yesterday was a rainy day in Ohio…here’s an outside view from my sewing room…(Oops, photo includes window screen!)


On a day like this, what choice did I have but sew for hours on end?  Here’s an inside view from my sewing room…Sadie and Norma were on hand to keep me company.


In last Thursday’s blog, I mentioned Sandy sent a quilt to me so I could help her overcome creative block.

Did I mention there was some assembly required??!!

Her block design features 4 inch (finished) half square triangles.  Not a favorite piecing technique for me but I just so happened to have 4 inch Thangles on hand!  I had perfect half square triangles in no time flat!


Thangles get all the credit for these beautiful, perfect points!


I also assembled a few piles of squares and rectangles.  Needless to say, my rotary cutter got a major workout…yikes!  My blade needs to be changed after all this cutting!



I’ve got the basic piecing completed, now I’m ready to assemble the blocks.  Once I have the blocks pieced together, I can get creative on the quilt design.  Stay tuned for another update!

10 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Sandy picked out the colors, I really like them, too! Let me know what you think of the Thangles, they have saved me lots of time and frustration!

    • Gray Barn Designs says:

      Yes! I store them in my sewing closet and sometimes forget I have them…I think I’ll move them to a more visible location so I can use them all the time!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Cindy! What a beautiful selection of fabrics. I am sure Sandy is appreciative that you had time to give this project some love and attention – in spite of what she said above. HAHA! You know, that picture with the screen included . . . that makes me think of cross stitch, or even a quilt pattern. The screen has made postage stamp sized squares for you. At least that’s what I see when I look at that picture! Happy Monday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. tierneycreates says:

    Oooh – I missed some posts! And one with a schnauzer in it (and Norma!)
    Thangles!! You are reminding me I need to use my Thangles – I have them in a bunch of sizes just gathering dust! Love the gorgeous fabrics! Give Sadie and Norma a cuddle for me!

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